Doodle Critter Math: Shapes

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Review Summary:

Kids learn how to identify, draw, and manipulate six different shapes through a series of six creative games. As they play, they get to interact with animated shapes and see the shapes as they appear in a variety of forms, colors, and situations.

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Introduce kids to shape through Doodle Critter Math: Shapes. While many apps designed to teach kids shapes focus on simply having kids identify shapes, this Doodle Critter app takes learning about shapes a bit further. While a few of the six creative games have kids identifying and sorting shapes, other games show the shapes in different forms, having kids arrange shapes to form images in a form of digital tangrams. As they play with the shapes, kids will hear peppy background music, cheering, and other fun sounds to help keep them engaged with the animated shapes and the variety of activities. When they’re finished they’ll find many different representations of triangles, squares, rectangles, pentagons, hexagons, and circles.

Features include:

  • Six creative games
  • Cute animated graphics
  • Entertaining background music and sound effects
  • Goes beyond basic shapes


Kids will bounce along to the music as they tap, move, and draw shapes on the screen. They’ll also be impressed by the bright colors, silly graphics, and animated shapes that appear on the screen as they play. In every game, a calm voice clearly reads the instructions and helps get kids started. In a few instances, the game may offer a little too much guidance, particularly when teaching kids to draw the shapes, but it otherwise moves at a kid-friendly speed and interacts with kids in kid-friendly tones.


As kids learn their shapes, they’ll go beyond the basic identification activities. Most of the games actually have kids making shapes and maneuvering those shapes to create fun designs. The shapes themselves also take many different forms, so kids will see more than your basic equilateral triangle and view hexagons in a variety of sizes. These different representations help kids truly learn to recognize the shapes in all forms.


From the peppy music and cheering to the brightly colored, animated shapes and images, kids will find plenty of entertainment. They’ll also have access to six different activities, including drawing shapes, sorting shapes, finding shapes, and arranging shapes to make pictures. All of these activities help keep kids entertained for a significant length of time.


Not only do kids get six different games for the price, they also get to learn about six different shapes in six different ways. The fun factor and the variety make it a high-quality app and a great value.

Child Friendliness

When kids enter the app, their attention is drawn to the icons representing the six different games. Most won’t even find the settings option in the upper corner of the screen. Those who do will find their access restricted by a multiplication problem. On the settings screen, parents can turn off the effects, change the volume of the music, and choose from two different languages, as well as access additional apps from the developer. Kids, however, will focus on the games and quickly learn how to enjoy them.

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