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Review Summary:

Avokiddo ABC Ride is a delightful app that will guide young learners through important alphabet skills essential to learning to read. The app covers alphabetical order, beginning letter sounds, letter matching and more.

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Avokiddo ABC Ride is a delightful app that will guide young learners through important alphabet skills essential to learning to read. The app covers alphabetical order, beginning letter sounds, letter matching and more. Best of all, it’s engaging, entertaining and easy to use. It will delight kindergarteners, preschoolers and even toddlers.

Features include:

  • 26 interactive scenes, one for each letter
  • Interactions encourage exploration and play
  • Delightful alliterative narration
  • Choice of main character
  • Capital or lower case letters


Avokiddo ABC Ride is an outstanding app for young learners to use when exploring the alphabet. Each of the interactive pages holds an engaging, yet varied challenge to find the target letter, then children can see and spell the key word by matching the letter shapes.  Young children will find it extremely gratifying to spell huge words  like “apricot” and “balloon” all by themselves. The theme of a bicycle ride for the main character keeps the action moving, and young users will really enjoy moving the bike along at varying speeds.


This app has a lot of features that will really help young learners master alphabet skills. In addition, the alliterative narration will build vocabulary skills, children get loads of practice following directions and solving puzzles, and there are matching and other challenges included as well.  Each interactive page presents a different challenge to reveal the target letter, such as popping balloons, feeding a hippo, or building a robot. All are engaging and fun for young children and closely related to the keyword.  Once the letter is located, the keyword appears in colorful, dancing letters at the top of the screen, then the letters drop and scramble, leaving shadows where they belong. Users must drag the letters to their matching places to spell the word again. Adults can choose capital or lower case letters, which is nice, and also really extends the life of the app for young users. Another option allows parents to switch between letter names and phonics sounds, which is a great feature.


Young children will adore this magical bike ride through the alphabet. Users can start by choosing their character (a boy or a girl), and the other character plays supportive roles throughout the game. The narration gives clear directions for the various tasks at each stopping point, and the wide array of actions required will keep children’s attention over and over again.  Some of the tasks are a bit challenging, so it would be nice to have some sort of a hint feature that activated after a certain number of unsuccessful attempts, such as a blink or a halo around the item to manipulate next.

Each screen is unique and full of color and life.  The music is fun and upbeat, and the narrator does a good job of putting appropriate emotion into reward sequences.  The developers were very creative with the 26 tasks; there is very little repetition in format for different letters.


Avokiddo ABC Ride is sure to be a favorite for children from toddlerhood through kindergarten.  Kids will use it again and again because it has a lot of play value in addition to the educational value.  The options to switch between capital and lower case letters and between phonics sounds and letter names is exceptional. Users can also turn the spelling feature and the shuffle feature on and off.

Child Friendliness

This app is very child-friendly.  There are no outside advertisements. The app controls access to the Parents’ Area and the App Store by written instructions to hold a button for three seconds, so accidental taps will not allow a child to get to these features. There are links to the internet, social media, the App Store and email, but they are all protected by the security system.

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