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  • Last modified: February 6, 2015
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Review Summary:

Encourage kids to face their fear of the dark by finding and taking apart monsters that create spooky shadows.

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Price: $2.99
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At night, shadows can keep kids awake and trembling and in the dark. DisMonster helps kids embrace the shadows by making them more fun and familiar. In this slightly dark and a little bit spooky app, kids use a flashlight to search for items in the shadows. They then put those items back together to make silly monsters. While they may be a bit scared at first, kids will learn that that shadows that keep them awake at night aren’t really monsters, but instead just everyday items hidden around their rooms.

Features include:

  • Progressive levels of difficulty
  • 70 different monsters to create
  • Ability to create own monsters
  • 3 different scenes to explore


DisMonster makes kids feel like they’re lying in their beds at night and seeing all of the shadows on the wall. From the dark rooms to the slightly eerie background music, the app does have a bit of a scary fear. However, it is not too scary for kids. Once the flashlight is turned on, they’ll find it’s not too hard to spot the items that make up the shadows and put them together to create monsters. The app responds well and contains clear graphics, so kids can focus on playing the game.


DisMonster works with kids’ emotional development in a subtle way. Rather than talking to kids about their fears, it simply has them interact with the shadows they see in the dark. Kids can put shadows back together to create silly monsters or pick out items from around the room to create their own spooky shadows. As they play, they’ll begin to make the connection that the scary shadows they see at night are just like those they’re finding as they walk through the app. Kids will also build some shape recognition skills as they learn to match an object with its shadow.


Two modes of play – finding and recreating monsters and creating spooky shadows help make the app more enjoyable for kids. At first they will have to figure out how to put the items together to make the monsters or how to drag items to create the shadows, but once they do they’ll have a lot of fun creating. The most exciting part for kids is the ability to create their own shadows because it truly allows them to let their imaginations run wild.


It’s hard to compare DisMonster to other apps because there’s not a lot out there like it. Still, it’s priced fairly well for what it offers. It’s a great way to help kids get over their fear of the dark while having fun at the same time.

Child Friendliness

Aside from the darkness of the app and the spookiness of the background music, the app is very child friendly. An icon on the top of the main screen leads to the parent section, but the info is protected by a parental block. While a description in the parent section boasts no social networking, there are links to Facebook and Twitter contained within the parent section. A small icon showing another one of the developer’s app appears at the bottom of the main screen, but it is also protected by a parental block. Both the additional app and parent section are largely overshadowed by the large play button leading to the fun of the game.

  • Protected parental area
  • NO in-app purchases
  • NO third-party ads
  • YES links to social media (protected)
  • YES link to other developer apps (protected)

Encourage kids to face their fear of the dark by finding and taking apart monsters that create spooky shadows.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars