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Review Summary:

Toca Cars is a simple and engaging app that allows children to play in a cardboard world with no rules and endless possibilities.

App Info

Price: $3.99
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Toca Cars is a fun game that allows players to break all the driving rules in a creative cardboard world. Not only can children wiz through a pre-populated world, but they can also create their own in a customizable empty world. Players can customize their routes with houses, signs, ramps, and many other objects to make it fun and interesting. This is app is for creative minds that like to think and play outside the box.

Features include:

  • 2 Ways to play
  • 2 Drivers
  • No rules


Toca Cars is an app with hand-crafted 3-D cardboard illustrations that allow players to topple them over as they drive around. The added music and sound effects that are included really help to bring the app to life as players race through the 3-D illustrations. While the set-up is fairly simple, it is clear developers have put a lot of work into creating a free play app where children can really have fun.


This app is not being reviewed for education.


Toca Cars is a great free play app that allows children to explore their imaginations as they drive through a world with no rules. Every stop sign, stop light, tree, house, and ramp is made of cardboard in this world so children can bump into any and everything they choose. When they want to reset all of the objects they can do so with the tap of a button. For children who are more interested in setting up their own world, the empty world provides a clean slate to create whatever they want. Overall, this app is fun and engaging for children of all ages.


Priced at just under a dollar this app is a great deal. Parents may quickly find their child requesting to play this app over and over again just because of the freedom they have in the cardboard world. While the app has a simple concept, it provides a world with no rules where children can use their imaginations to the fullest.

Child Friendliness

Toca Cars is great for children of all ages because it is so simple to use. When playing in the pre-populated world, players only need to move their finger around the screen to guide the car where they want it to go. In the customizable world, players can drag and drop the objects around the screen easily to set it up just the way they want to.

Parents will also be happy to know there are no social media links or in-app purchases. The parents section is protected and provides additional information about the developers as well as ways for parents to help children create their own cardboard tracks to play with.

Toca Cars is a simple and engaging app that allows children to play in a cardboard world with no rules and endless possibilities.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars