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The letters of the alphabet come to life in the form of clay animals in Talking ABC.

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Toddlers and preschoolers will love Talking ABC, an interactive alphabet app that brings the letters of the alphabet to life. All 26 letters of the alphabet are represented by animated clay letters. When kids tap on a letter, it is instantly transformed into a clay animal whose name starts with the same letter of the alphabet. Kids will enjoy changing the letters to animals and back multiple times and listening to the animals as they talk in their squeaky voices. They can also listen to a catchy alphabet song where both the letters and the animals they represent are featured as the song is sung.

When kids get tired of going through the letters and playing with the animals, the app offers more opportunities to keep them entertained. With six games to play, kids can make words, find specific animals and letters, and play memory and puzzle games. Talking ABC is a cute, colorful and interactive app that kids will help kids learn their letters and entertain them at the same time.

Features include:

  • Original alphabet song
  • Animated letters
  • Six games to play
  • Two learning modes


One of the coolest aspects of Talking ABC is its Claymation-like animation. The letters and animals look like they were made from clay. When they transform from letter to animal and back again, the clay rolls up into a little ball and the new shape is formed, complete with accompanying squishing and stretching sounds. The app is also well-organized. Icons at the bottom of the screen direct kids to the song, games, and settings. In the game section, each of the six games is clearly laid out and easy for kids to play. From the graphics to the sound effects, Talking ABC is a high-quality app and it is clear the developers put a lot of time into perfecting the details, from the clay spikes on the dinosaur’s back to the head of the xiphias.


One of the first aspects of the app kids will experience is a catchy alphabet song that lists the letters of the alphabet and the name of an animal that starts with each letter. Both the song and the other alphabet-related activities will help kids learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. Through the games, kids can interact with words in many different ways. They can practice letter and animal recognition, build spelling skills as they make funny words, or play a simple memory or puzzle game. Kids will also learn new animal names as they go through the app. For some letters, the app introduces animal names kids may not be familiar with, such as xiphias for X.


Early learners, from toddlers through kindergarten, will find Talking ABC to be very entertaining. The app includes six different games, a whole alphabet of clay animals, and a catchy animal songs. The games appeal to different interests and different levels of learners. Some kids will enjoy picking out letters and animals, while others will have the most fun typing silly words into the app and watching the animals form them. Peppy background music also plays throughout the app and the animals make fun sound effects which help increase the fun factor.


For the amount of entertainment it offers and the high quality graphics and sound it contains, Talking ABC is a good value. Toddlers and preschoolers will spend a significant amount of time using the app and learn their letters and letter sounds as they play.

Child Friendliness

Talking ABC is a child-friendly app that kids will find easy to navigate and use. Even young toddlers will have little trouble figuring out how to click on the letters to watch them transform. The app is free from ads and links to Facebook and Twitter, so kids will stay within the app and cannot post random app news to your social networking feeds.

  • NO external links
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  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase

The letters of the alphabet come to life in the form of clay animals in Talking ABC.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars