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Review Summary:

Build addition skills while playing a version of classic match game that has kids look at addition problems in two different ways.


At the beginning of Mathtopia, kids are asked to solve problems that add up to zero or one. Solve the problems correctly and add another number, increasing the difficulty of the app. In addition to solving problems, kids have the opportunity to play a game, clearing the screen by creating lines of three bubbles with the same answer.

While the game itself is basic, kids who are just learning basic addition will enjoy solving the problems and then trying to clear the screen. Make sure to watch the tutorial carefully though, or it can be difficult to be figure out what to do once you start playing the game.

Features include:

  • Increase in Difficulty
  • Classic Matching Game
  • Progress Tracking
  • Hints


The app’s graphics are very simple, but of high-quality and the background music is clear and has a relaxing feel, perhaps to keep students from getting stressed out as they solve problems. At times, this can become stressful because the app responds well when tapped. While in most apps, a quick response is beneficial, there is no way to correct an incorrect tap. Choose the wrong answer by tapping a little too fast and the bubble is locked, possibly ruining the round.


Mathtopia+ allows kids to look at addition problems in two ways: solving a problem correctly or starting with the answer and then finding the problem that represents that answer. Kids also have to match problems and answers, giving them another way to think about multiplication. Since they must complete a round to get to the next level, it makes them focus on answering the problems correctly, giving them a chance to review their skills.


For kids who enjoy having a storyline or playing a game with multiple components, Mathtopia+ may seem a little boring. However, most kids will find that the app has an addictive quality. Not only do kids want to keep leveling up, they also want to work to improve their speed and accuracy while earning stars and trophies.


Mathtopia+ is priced at the higher end of most elementary math apps. The way it allows kids to practice addition skills in multiple ways and its addictive factor help justify the price. It is not an app most kids will play once and discard.

Child Friendliness

The full version of Mathtopia+ has no ads and no in-app purchases. In fact, it does not even have multiple screens. Once you go through the tutorial, you are automatically directed to the game and your progress is saved as you go through each round. At times, the app can be a frustrating because it does not have a help button, nor does it offer detailed instructions after the tutorial, but in general, it is easy to figure out what to do and not a lot to distract kids from the game.

Build addition skills while playing a version of classic match game that has kids look at addition problems in two different ways.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars