Cutie Match App for Kids

Matching and memory games can be fun for the whole family, and if you’re like me, your kids probably do better at the game than the adults. Here are some favorites matching games for you and your family to check out.

Cutie Match App for Kids


Matching App by: Cutie Match

Rating: 4 / 5
iPhone / iPod / ipad app: $0.99 (mini version)
iPad only  (HD) app: $1.99
Universal app : $n/a

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A beautiful looking app with 4 themes (animals, objects, letters, numbers) and 4 difficulty levels (6, 12, 16 and 20 cards).

Uggles Match - memory / matching app for all ages

Uggles Match HD (Matching Pairs Game)

Matching App by: Frogameleon Ltd

Rating: 4 / 5
iPhone / iPod / ipad app: $0.99
iPad only (HD) app: 0.99
Universal app : $0.99

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This universal app includes little animations and cute sounds for the Uggles. Only 1 level (20 cards), but it is tied in to Apple’s Game Center app and so your scores go on a leaderboard. You get scored on speed and accuracy. Despite the cartoon style graphics this matching app is good for all ages.

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