Best Matching Games for Kids [Updated for 2020]

Matching and memory games that are fun for the whole family

We Reviewed Dozens Of The Best Matching Games for Kids So You Don’t Have To. Here Are Our Top Picks.

Matching and memory games can be fun for the whole family, and if you’re like me, your kids probably do better at the game than the adults.  The app stores are full of “match-3 games” like Bejeweled and Toon Blast, but these matching apps offer something a bit different. Here are some favorites matching games for you and your family to check out.


iOS App Store

Here’s a classic, but this app is particularly well-suited to younger players yet offers challenge and levels that will keep older folks interested as well. Choose from boards with 6 to 12 to 24 cards, and choose from five themed picture sets for free. There are 8 more picture sets available for in-app purchases at ninety-nine cents each or $2.99 for access to all.

The app encourages just a bit of gentle competition with others or with self by tracking the high score locally. The game will build critical early academic skills and help children learn to notice the kinds of small differences that later will help with learning to read and do math.


Kids Learning Games 4 Toddlers

iOS App Store

This free app offers 17 games (some are in-app purchases) that include several matching games. Kids will match not only by shape or color, but also by size, and even by function. All of the activities will help preschoolers gain readiness skills that they need for school success.

The app is free to download, and includes the first levels of several games. Additional games and levels are available for $1.99 each or $4.99 for the entire set with all levels.



Flow Free

iOS App Store / Google Play Store

If you are looking for more challenging versions of matching games, check this out! This one is suitable for children, but also will be challenging for adults and older kids. In this puzzle game, players must match colors. Sounds simple, right? NOT! The colorful game pieces are not nice and straight, but wiggly and going around corners. The challenge is to match the colors, but to avoid crossing flows of other colors while you do it.

There are timed and untimed versions and thousands of levels to play. In addition, there is a free daily puzzle. In-app purchases ranging from ninety-nine cents to $4.99 unlock the upper levels and also can increase the board size, make hints available, remove advertisements and more.

Find My Pair 3 (FULL Version)

iOS App Store

Here’s a great matching game for preschoolers that goes far beyond the usual match-the-pictures games. This app includes 15 boards for $3.99, with matching activities that include shapes, colors, textures, and more. There are hidden picture activities (match the example to the hidden item in the picture), outline and shadow matching, matching shapes and items in different perspectives, and many more variations.

The free version of this app can be found at Find My Pair 3 if you want to try it out before you buy, but I’m so sure you will love it that I recommend the full version to save time and hassle of making the in-app purchases to get the content. So many critical educational skills rest on the foundation of matching in many different forms that you will want to give your kids all the practice they can get using this app.