Fun Lego Apps on iOS & Android

Legos are grand fun in the real world, and now your kids (and you!) can enjoy them virtually and on the go with mobile apps. Check out these winners!

Legos® for the Little Ones

Little kids get in on the action with Duplo apps.

Lego® Juniors

Lego System A/S – Free

Juniors Create & CruiseGet the youngsters aged 4-7 into the act with this sweet building and driving game. The kids will get a healthy dose of problem-solving and creative thinking as they explore and experiment with familiar themes, like home, castles, and more. The app not only allows for creative digital play, but it will also inspire the kids to play with the real toy offline and give them some great ideas to try out.

Developers have ensured that young players are safe as they play with this app-there are no outside connections, and the only advertisements or product information they will see is related to Lego System products.

Google Play / iOS App Store

Lego® Duplo® Train

Lego System A/S – Free

LEGO® DUPLO® TrainWhat preschooler doesn’t love a train? Use digital versions of the familiar pieces to build, load and unload your very own train in this cute app. The bright, fun landscape is interactive, and kids from 1 ½ to 5 years old will play for hours.

The app requires no reading and uses an intuitive interface. It’s also completely closed. Even the typical Lego advertisements and product information are protected behind a parent gate.

Google Play / iOS App Store

Lego® Duplo® Town

Lego Systems A/S – Free

LEGO® DUPLO® TownToddlers can build to their heart’s content with this intuitive software. It’s brightly colored and easy to use. Kids will develop their fine motor skills, build language skills, and have opportunities to be creative. One unique aspect is that kids can not only build, but they can demolish too.

This app is very child-friendly. There are no in-app purchases or outside links, so parents can rest assured that their kids can play for hours in complete safety.

Google Play / iOS App Store

Lego® Themed Fun

Lego blocks provide classic fun online or off.

Lego® Life

Lego Systems A/S – Free

Life: Safe Social Media for KidsLego Life is a community/social network for young Lego fans. Users will find cool builds and can share their best creations with other kids. There are videos to watch and community-wide challenges to fulfill. You can even digitalize your Lego sets by simply scanning the QR code.

Developers have worked hard to make this a safe community for children. Kids use nicknames only in the community, and posts are moderated. There is no option for direct chatting.

Google Play / iOS App Store

Lego® Star Wars™: TCS

Warner Bros. – Free with in-app purchases in the App Store, $6.99 Complete on Google Play

LEGO® Star WarsLego Star Wars: The Complete Saga is a mammoth app that will occupy both Star Wars and Lego fans for hundreds of hours. The app will carry players through the entire Star Wars story and has loads of replay value, too, since there are 120 different playable characters to unlock and 36 story levels plus bonus content.

The application is huge, however, and will likely require shutting down background apps and other steps to maintain system stability. It takes up a whopping 1.44 GB of space on your memory. In-app purchases range from ninety-nine cents to $2.99, or you can unlock the entire game at one time for $6.99.

Google Play / iOS App Store

Lego® Batman: DC Super Heroes

Warner Bros. – $4.99 with in-app purchases

LEGO BatmanThis app features 80 playable characters with even more super abilities and gadgets. The mini-figures talk as well, so there’s more depth and action to the story. Comic-book style action mixes with Lego fun as Batman and his friends battle classic villains with classic humor.

In-app purchases range from ninety-nine cents to $9.99. Parents should expect the usual mild cartoon violence, but all in all, it’s not too objectionable for comic superhero fans.

Google Play / iOS App Store

Lego® Movie 2™ Movie Maker

Lego Systems A/S – Free

THE LEGO® MOVIE 2™ Movie MakerThis app is available on phones only. It allows users to create any type of movie they want but pushes the purchase of the Lego Movie 2 playset to recreate scenes from the popular movie.

Movies can be shared via a Lego Account, which requires registration by an adult. The company screens for movies that include personally-identifiable information, to protect young users, but this app is recommended for children ages 9 and above.

Google Play / iOS App Store

Lego® Jurassic World™

Warner Bros. – $4.99

LEGO® Jurassic World™Dinosaur lovers will fall right into this app that uses the storylines from all four movies in Lego format to tickle their fancy. Play each of 16 dinosaurs ranging from friendly triceratops to the mighty T-Rex. Collect Lego Amber and experiment with dino DNA to create entirely new creatures.

There are several missions, plus free play modes, so there is something for everyone here. The app includes tons of playable characters, playable dinos, and some areas for free play.

Google Play / iOS App Store

Lego® Elves Puzzle Game

Lego System A/S – Free

Elves Match Game with Dragons and BuildingHere’s a puzzle/quest app in Legoland! There are 80 single-player levels and 20 extra multiplayer levels to check out. Collect gems and go on missions, but watch out for those sneaky goblins that will try really hard to stop you.

There are videos to watch, as well, and the capability to play multiplayer games. However, no in-app purchases and other features keep this app safe for young users.

Google Play / iOS App Store

Lego® Robots

Fix the Factory: Lego® Mindstorms®

Lego Systems A/S – Free

LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Fix FactoryCombine Legos and coding in this fun app that challenges users to control EV3RSTORM, the Mindstorms robot, as it works to put misplaced battery packs where they belong in a massive factory. The app is loaded with puzzles, games, and other fun that is accessed while learning computer coding. The game will have users competing with themselves to roll through levels with the best time, accuracy, fewest attempts, and more, so there are multiple ways to play.

Users will learn to be masters of simple coding, spatial awareness, logical and strategic thinking and more. It’s hard to miss when you get to control a super-cool robot!

Google Play / iOS App Store

Projects for Lego® MindStorms®

CS Magic – Ninety-Nine Cents

Projects for Lego MindstormsMindStorms sets provide almost endless possibilities for creativity, but if kids need a bit of a boost, here is a collection of ideas that will send them soaring once more. The app includes dozens of ideas for mechanisms and pieces that kids will love. Each includes a list of required parts, minimal text, and lots of instructional pictures.

This app is not part of the official Lego family, so it operates a bit differently than most. It currently includes 14 projects, with indications that developers plan to add more.

Google Play / iOS App Store

Lego® Boost

Lego Systems A/S – Free

LEGO® BOOSTIn this unique marketing twist, Lego owners of Boost series sets can access controls to make their creations come to life. The Boost sets are designed to be codable and this app is the key to making them go. Users will need at least one of the compatible Boost sets, then they’ll be able to drive the trucks, control the robots, and so forth.

This app does require access to specific Lego sets. You can check to see if the set you have is compatible here.

Google Play / iOS App Store