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Toddler & Kids Learning Games is a collection of early learning fun for the very young. Free sample activities include a garden-growing game, a jigsaw puzzle activity, a memory matching game, and a coloring activity. The games all have a learning objective related to understanding the natural world.

Features include:

  • Simple, intuitive navigation
  • Develops motor coordination, memory, and other preschool skills
  • Bright and entertaining animations
  • Interactive games
  • Multiple levels of difficulty within activities


Toddler & Kids Learning Games is a high-quality app designed with the very young audience in mind. Developers have taken great pains to make the app simple to use so that young players can achieve a feeling of independence. The artwork is bright and simple, which is perfect for toddlers and young preschoolers. Each game focuses on a different learning task, including matching, categorizing, fine-motor coordination, and more.


This app offers a selection of activities that will support toddler and preschool cognitive and motor skills development. From learning about beginning cause and effect to assembling a simple puzzle, kids will be learning as they play.

The free activities include a garden-growing game, where children must choose the correct tool for the next step to grow the garden (for example, choosing a shovel to first dig the soil before planting) and get to pick the exact version of the tool or item they want. They can choose the type of seeds to plant, and then help them to “grow.”  The jigsaw puzzle activity begins with a four-piece puzzle, and gradually becomes more difficult until children are completing a sixteen-piece puzzle. Similarly, the memory game begins with a simple four-card set up, and moves up to a twelve-card spread. The coloring book activity encourages kids to be creative and add details to finished pictures by stamping, drawing, and more.


Young children will find the activities in Toddler & Kids Learning Games to be highly entertaining. The brightly-colored illustrations are engaging, and the animations make them practically irresistible. The tasks are at a perfect level for most toddlers and young preschoolers, and they are designed to minimize frustration. For example, the coloring pictures do not register stray marks outside of the coloring picture, so it’s impossible to accidentally color outside of the lines. Some children might be a bit disappointed because there is no “black” or “brown” option, but other than that, it’s practically ideal.


This app is free to try on the App Store, which normally makes for a very good value, however, parents should be aware that it is full of in-app purchase pages. The front page shows all of the seven games (both included in the free version and those that need to be purchased) with locks on the three that require separate purchase.  This is not too big of a problem. Tapping a game with a lock takes users to the sales page.  What is perhaps more problematic is that within most of the free games, there are additional levels that also require in-app purchase. Parents should either considering purchasing the full game soon after downloading ($3.99) or be prepared for lots of begging and pleading from disappointed children who want to play new games or levels but cannot access them. There is also option to purchase some games for $1.99 or individual games for ninety-nine cents.

Child Friendliness

As noted in the value section, this app does seem to go a bit overboard on links to its in-app purchases. The actual purchase links are behind a parent gate that requires reading directions about the number of times to tap the screen for access, but it would be much more child-friendly if children did not continually see the screen advertising these options.  A simple lock on closed activities would get the job done, and the in-app purchase options could be explained in a parents-only section.  The present system seems designed to trigger whining children, and that’s never a pleasant situation.

  • Protected parent area (contains external links & social media)
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES in-app purchases (protected, but visible)