Roxy and the Ballerina Robot

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  • Roxy and the Ballerina Robot
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  • Last modified: July 19, 2017
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Review Summary:

Roxy wants to buy a ballerina robot, but she has to save up to do it. Kids will learn an important lesson about spending and saving as they read Roxy and the Ballerina Robot.

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Roxy sees a robot ballerina on TV and wishes she could have one of her own. She searches for a robot online and finds exactly what she’s looking for. There’s just one problem – it’s too expensive! Will Roxy be able to save enough money to get her own ballerina robot? This fun eBook for kids features an engaging story and is a great read for kids who are just learning to read and those who are more confident readers.

Features include:

  • Read to Me and Read to Myself options
  • English, French, and Spanish text and narration
  • Highlighted narration
  • Minority main character


Developers have created a quality eBook with colorful illustrations and clear narration. Kids can read the story in three different languages: English, French, and Spanish. While the story doesn’t feature animated illustrations, it does offer high quality illustrations and includes characters with great facial expressions. Kids can swipe easily through the story as they read and will see all of the illustrations and text displayed clearly on each page. The only thing parents may notice is that Roxy’s dad looks closer to Roxy’s age than an adult.


Kids will find features designed to help improve their reading skills. The app features a Read to Me option with narration and a Read to Myself option for more confident readers. The Read to Me option features highlighted text during the narration. Although the narration is a little fast, kids will still enjoy the story. Both options also feature the ability for kids to tap on a word to hear it pronounced. This will help less confident readers during the Read to Myself option and help kids catch words they missed during the Read to Me option. As kids read the story, they’ll find an engaging text that is full of vivid verbs and adjectives, which may help kids improve their own writing as well.

In addition to the reading elements, the story teaches a great lesson about spending and saving.


This story connects with emotions many kids have felt at one time or another. They want to save up for one toy, but it feels like it takes forever to do it and there are so many other toys they want as well. Kids will enjoy reading about Roxy and the lessons she learns as she saves up to get a ballerina robot.


The app is priced comparably, if not a bit lower, than eBooks of a similar quality. It’s a great read for girls who love ballet, but it may also appeal to kids who like robots or who just like reading fun new stories.

Child Friendliness

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Roxy wants to buy a ballerina robot, but she has to save up to do it. Kids will learn an important lesson about spending and saving as they read Roxy and the Ballerina Robot.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars