My Postcards: The Postcards & Greeting Cards App

Child Friendly
My Postcards: The Postcard & Greeting Cards App is a handy way to send personalized, physical postcards, greeting cards, or photographs to anyone in the world in one simple, easy-to-use system. Send right from your device, and avoid searching, filling out, and mailing your greetings.

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Price: Free
AppStore User Rating: 5

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My Postcard: The Postcards & Greeting Cards App allows users to create and send physical postcards and greeting cards to anyone in the world through the postal system. Use your own photographs, design the card, include a personal message, and send your greeting off to anyone.

Features include:

  • Selection of styles
  • Optional frames
  • Earn free credits
  • Order prints if desired


My Postcard is a high-quality app with lots of options to make your postcard or greeting card unique. The app even lists estimated shipping times to various parts of the world, mostly in a couple of days, but ranging up to a few weeks for remote areas. The instructions are clear and the payment plans and methods are laid out in easy-to-read format.


This app is not intended to be educational.


Unleash your creativity and communicate with loved ones near and far with this app.  After all, who doesn’t like to get real mail once in a while?  The app can access photos from your camera, your device, or Instagram. Once you’ve chosen a picture to work with, you can crop, resize, and add borders. There are also multiple styles of presentation you could choose, including a single picture and various multi-pics.  The app is clear, though-if you need to edit your photo, you need to do that in a different system and then save your photo somewhere that My Postcards can access.  All in all, it’s a fun, personal way to keep in touch.


This app is free to download, but be aware that sending postcards or greeting cards, as well as ordering prints, does cost real money. It is $2.29 to create and send a postcard, and $3.99 to do a greeting card. Greeting cards start at $2.29, and a box of photos starts at $10.99 plus shipping costs. The app accepts Paypal and various credit cards, and users can also earn free credits by convincing friends to sign up for the service.

Child Friendliness

This app is not intended for use by children. It has unprotected social media log ins as well as requiring a credit card or Paypal account for use.

  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES social media
  • YES in-app purchase

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