Best Apps for Kids Ages 9 – 11 [Updated for 2020]

Fun & Educational Apps for Kids 9 - 11 Years Old

We Reviewed Dozens Of The Best Apps for Kids Ages 9 – 11 So You Don’t Have To. Here Are Our Top Picks.

Top Apps for Kids Ages 9 – 11

For your 9-11 year old child, the learning curve is heating up. We’ve chosen an amazing list of apps for 9, 10 and 11 year old kids that are focused on speeding up your child’s learning with some great math and reading apps as well as some creative and science based apps to feed their hunger for those other subjects.

We found some great reading apps with entertaining stories (both classics and contemporary) that children will love and enough options that they don’t get bored. On the math side, a 9-11 year old child is focused on more than just multiplication, decimals and multiplication. We found some math apps that really balance engagement and learning while remaining challenging and teaching some of the harder topics like fractions.

To help round things out we found some apps 9-11 years old will really get into. Weebly for example is the perfect canvas for children who are creative and want to build their own website and blog. Crazy Gears and Everything Machine help kids understand technology and really explore programming and how that all works.

Help your kids stay on top of their learning with the best apps for 9 to 11 year olds. Help them learn about new worlds, explore the planet or use apps to make those hard subjects at school at little more fun.

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Top 5 Apps for Kids Ages 9-11


Over 40 million people around the world have already created a website using Weebly. With Weebly Mobile you can create a website, blog or store directly from your iPhone or iPad. For youngsters who want to create and share, this is the perfect way to use an intuitive drag-and-drop builder designed specifically for touchscreen with beautiful themes and tools to really allow children to express themselves.

iOS App Store

Everything Machine

Dive inside your device and make your own machines! In Tinybop’s first maker app, kids are empowered to build anything they can imagine using the hardware and sensors already on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. kids use a simple visual programming language to combine your device’s camera, microphone, speakers, gyroscope to make a light, a motion camera, a kaleidoscope or anything else you can think of! Read Review

iOS App Store

Crazy Gears

Explore a captivating digital playground in this tantalizing puzzle game! Children manipulate gears, chains, rods, and pulleys, to pull themselves through each level, which teaches them how different mechanisms affect one another when constructing a machine. Each reasoning challenge was carefully designed to adhere to the theories of educational technology pioneer Seymour Papert. Read Review,

 iOS App Store

ITooch Elementary School App

With more than 25,000 exercises, iTooch Elementary is a new and fun way of practicing and learning Math, Language Arts and Science for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th Graders. It is, by far, the largest collection of educational activities based on the US National Common Core Standards on the App Store.

iOS App Store


Doing fun activities with your kid shouldn’t be hard. KidQuest makes it easy with dozens of free things to make and build, with step by step illustrated guides. Come explore the largest collection of interactive crafts, experiments, games, and activities! Original and unique activities, each beautifully illustrated with step-by-step instructions. KidQuest makes it easy to find the perfect activity.

 iOS App Store


Fly into a beautiful action adventure and save a whimsical world full of flight and fantasy. Master the wind to fly, freefall, dash and bash your way across beautiful 3D rendered sky-islands, jungles, seas and deserts. An incredibly well polished, charming adventure game. If you’re looking for a great premium App, look to further

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SparkleFish is a hilarious audio story completion game that will have you laughing uncontrollably. With SparkleFish you can record creative words in your own voice for playback inside surprising, ad-lib stories. If you enjoy Mad Libs, then you’ll really love SparkleFish. It’s fun for all ages, species, individuals, groups, etc.

iOS App Store

Slice Fractions

This award-winning, problem-solving game is an incredibly fun way to learn fractions. Thanks to the game’s research-proven effectiveness, kids get a head start at school while having fun with fundamental math concepts. Wow! Kids between 5 and 12 slice through ice and lava to clear the mammoth’s path, unraveling the mystery of fractions!

iOS App Store

Cato’s Hike: A Programming Odyssey

Cato is a little boy who just like every little boy likes to go out and play. One fine day Cato was playing outside when a portal to another world opened up in front of him; a portal to another world! Stuck until he discovered the rules in this universe: by writing a program for himself he would be able to overcome all obstacles & learn along the way!

iOS App Store

Monkey Party Learn Algebra

Cappy the Monkey is throwing a party for his friends and is collecting fruit to make desserts. Oh no! The fruits Cappy is collecting are falling off the leaves. Help Cappy save his fruit. You can’t have a party without dessert! Learn pre-algebra, negative numbers, fractions and graphs! The graphics are super cute.

iOS App Store

Top 5 Education Apps for Kids Ages 9-11

Bulbul – Bed Time Stories And Rhymes

Kids like to listen to bedtime stories when they go to bed. They get bored of same stories told by parents. BulBul App offers variety of interactive stories and rhymes that are beautifully animated and elegantly illustrated which will improve your kid’s skills. Our bedtime stories, moral stories and animated stories are user friendly and attractive, making the best kids learning app in the store. Read Review

iOS App Store

4th-5th Grade Reading Comprehension

This reading comprehension app has twenty stories about social studies. You can also create and add your own stories to the app. Each story has about 800-1000 words. Each story introduces new vocabulary and concepts, and is followed by a set of exercises that measure the student’s comprehension. The exercises include multiple choice questions, true/false questions and matching exercises. Read Review,

iOS App Store

Sushi Scramble: Word Game

Grab some friends and an iPad, and get ready for a fast-paced and unique word-building game for 2-4 players. Collect letters from the circling sushi boats and build words to serve hungry customers and score points. Learn phonics and spelling through collaborative play, or get competitive with up to four players! Work with a friend to complete objectives, such as building five words using the letter Z – harder than it seems.  Read Review

iOS App Store

Read With ​Me Fluency

Read With Me Fluency is the new iPad version of the award-winning online reading fluency assessment app, Read With Me. Now you can conduct oral fluency reading assessments, or running records in a faster, less-painful way. No more timers, paper, calculators or binders full of testing materials. Import your own digital texts or take advantage of our own leveled library of passages aligned to the Lexile® Framework.

iOS App Store

Word Creativity Kit – Play With Language

Word Creativity Kit is a creative writing App for the poets and writers of the future. It gives the user a chance to think outside of the box, create found poetry, fill the head with new ideas, laugh at silly sentences and have fun. Word Creativity Kit is based on the concept of random stimulus in creative writing, such as Random entry technique for lateral thinking. Open-ended activities meant to stimulate creative thinking. Read Review

iOS App Store

Times Table Galaxy

Zoom through space on an exciting journey with Times Table Galaxy. Make learning competitive, social and fun with this dynamic vertical scrolling arcade game. Designed by award winning educators, Times Table Galaxy will help you excel at maths while having a lot of fun. Our apps are proudly kid safe to protect your security and privacy. Get started learning your times tables today, for free! Read Review

iOS App Store

Math Word Problems

Unique on the app store, this app helps kids understand HOW to do math word problems step-by-step. We start with the absolute basics, and by the end your child will know how to interpret and complete one-step math word problems using addition and subtraction. Each level in Math Word Problems targets a specific step in working through a math word problem. Work through problems in a fun way.  Read Review

iOS App Store

ITooch Elementary

With more than 25,000 exercises, iTooch Elementary is a new and fun way of practicing and learning Math, Language Arts and Science for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th Graders. It is, by far, the largest collection of educational activities based on the US National Common Core Standards on the App Store. iTooch apps provide comprehensive learning solutions which help students in a motivating way.

 iOS App Store

Manic Math

Amazing app to improve your math skills. This game is recommended as a winning choice for parents and a educational/fun activity for children. The game logic is incredible simple! Just combine two numbers and one math operation to match the proposed objective. Manic Math is one fantastic application designed to keep your mind in shape. 

iOS App Store

Operation Math

Defeat Dr. Odd and earn the latest spy gear in the award-winning game that transforms math drills into a global learning adventure. From the streets of Paris to the pyramids of Egypt, Operation Math includes more than 100 timed missions that help players learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Play it for fun or use in the classroom as an awesome supplement to homework.

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