Top 20 Free Apps for Toddlers

There are so many apps out there for children, but finding ones suitable for toddlers can be challenging. Take a look at these fun and educational apps geared towards keeping toddlers entertained while they are learning.

Busy Shapes
This app helps sharpen toddlers problem solving skills through different levels of activities.

Five Little Monkeys
Learn shapes, solve puzzles, play math games, spell words, and color with this interactive app.

Moo Baa La La La
Entertain young minds and teach animal sounds with this fun app. Parents can choose to read the story themselves or have their kids listen to a narrator.

Music Sparkles – All in One Musical Instruments Collection
Bring the world of music to your toddler’s fingertips. They can play a variety of instruments with a tap of their fingers.

My Very Hungry Caterpillar
This classic storybook is brought to life in a 3D interactive app. Help the caterpillar explore, pick him up, and play with him on your screen.

Sound Touch Lite
This app helps your child learn animals, music, and everyday household words.

Storybook Reading
This amazing app uses your devices camera to digitally copy a book. You can then add your own narration so your kids can listen to your voice reading to them.

Eli Explorer
The cute little bunny on this app teaches children vocabulary words and short phrases in ten different languages.

Laugh and Learn Shapes and Colors
This app holds your childs short attention span while teaching shapes and colors.

YouTube Kids
YouTube makes this app easy to navigate for toddlers. They can choose age appropriate videos to watch. A built-in timer makes it easy for parents to set limits.

PBS Kids
Watch your favorite PBS Kids t.v. shows at any time. It is a safe, child-friendly viewing experience for all.

Toddler Soundboard Free
With this app, your little one can touch a letter to learn what the letter is and what sound it makes. It helps to teach kids numbers, letters, shapes, and colors.

Alphabet Zoo
This easy to use app introduces the alphabet to toddlers. They learn to recognize letters and the sounds they make.

Peek-a-boo Barn
Inside a cute barn are adorable farm animals waiting to surprise your little ones. Tap on the doors to find them.

I Hear Ewe
This is a fun game for toddlers that teaches them sounds of animals and vehicles while helping to develop their motor skills.

Talking Ben
Entertain your child for long periods of time with this adorable dog. Do chemistry experiments together, tickle him, and have fun conversations with him.

Where’s Puppy’s Nose?
Little ones are enthralled with interacting with this puppy and kitty. They will learn about body parts and what they do.

Toca Kitchen Monsters
Kids can play with their food and cook up meals for two hungry monsters. They can watch the monsters reaction to see what they like, learning about emotions.

Animal Pants
In this simple app, toddlers can enhance their matching skills by finding the right size pants for the animals.

Play 123
A fun geometry app to teach your children about colors, numbers, and shapes.