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Spelling 9-10 Andrew Brodie Basics is a practical and hands-on method of practicing commonly troublesome spelling words for middle elementary students. Users can choose from standardized word lists, create new lists from the included words, or add their own words to create a unique spelling practice tool for each student.

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Spelling 9-10 Andrew Brodie Basics is a comprehensive spelling practice app that features a built-in list of age appropriate words as well as the capability to develop and record individualized lists for students. Players can practice words with the see-say-cover-write method and can take tests on the word lists to earn recognitions.

Features include:

  • Comprehensive grade level word lists
  • Practice and testing modes
  • Capability to choose one of three levels
  • Words given in context
  • Clear audio


Spelling 9-10 Andrew Brodie Basics is a high quality app that uses proven methods to help students master spelling words. The app’s sound quality is excellent, though parents should be aware that the speakers have a slight accent that makes a few words difficult for some to understand. The included sentences clarify the words tremendously, though. One minor mechanical drawback to the app is that the response fields seem to be a set number of letters larger than the correct words, so a student will get a cue that they are on the wrong track if they try to spell “thoughtlessness” instead of “thoughtful,” for example, because the longer word simply will not fit in the answer space.

The app does include minimal directions to parents/teachers, and these could be made just a bit more explicit to help adults know how to help students use the app.


The study strategy used in this app (the see-say-cover-spell method) is highly effective for most students. The app is divided into two sections: one for practice and one for testing. Each included word is accompanied by a sentence in context so that students can see and hear how the word is to be used. The included sentences are visible in both the practice and the testing sections. The practice section shows the word and has students copy it into the answer section. The testing section shows the sentence with the word missing and voices it, then the student is required to type the target word into its place.

There are three built-in levels of difficulty. The included words are right on target for words that many students find troublesome at this age. They can be recombined into personalized lists so teachers or parents can create customized practices as needed covering just words that students have had difficulty with. In addition, it is possible to add words to the list by typing them in and recording the prompt. Added words, however, do not seem to have the option of displaying a prompt sentence like the built-in words do.


The app awards trophies based on student performance in an effort to keep student interest. This aspect could perhaps be flashier…spelling is notoriously tedious, and kids usually need a bigger dose of sugar to make it go down willingly. More differentiated levels of trophies, perhaps, or other types of “prizes” might help kids play more willingly and for longer periods, which would be necessary for this app to have the desired effect.


Individually, this app is on the expensive side, considering that it might turn into a chore for children to want to use. The app costs $3.99 in the App Store. It is, however, available as part of a larger bundle. All six apps in the series covering ages 5-11 are available for $11.99 at Andrew Brodie Spelling Bundle. This is a bit more of an investment, but would be particularly valuable for families with several children or in a classroom setting.

Child Friendliness

This app is very child friendly.

  • Protected parent area (contains external links & more apps)
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase

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