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Mighty Colossus Storybook is a powerful, yet flexible system for creating digital storybooks using built-in characters, backgrounds, and props, or user-generated artwork, pictures, and other content.

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Mighty Colossus Storybook is a digital book production app that allows users to create ebooks using provided characters and original text as well as imported photos and drawings. The books can be saved to a variety of formats, and exported or shared in a number of ways.

Features include:

  • Select from a variety of backgrounds and props, or provide your own
  • Change characters’ facial features, poses, colors, and more
  • Choose text fonts, colors, sizes and positions
  • Use an intuitive user interface to create and edit books
  • Share in a wide array of formats


Mighty Colossus Storybook is a high-quality app that offers users a seamless experience of creating, sharing, and reading digital storybooks. Developers have worked hard to build a powerful platform to satisfy nearly every creative urge while keeping the interface simple enough for all ability and technical levels. They included clear help options and a comprehensive tutorial to assist beginning users. Books can be saved, shared digitally in a variety of formats, or exported as PDF or PNG files for printing.


This app does a great job of removing technical barriers from the process of creating digital storybooks. It is powerful, yet simple to use. Users can choose from an array of provided characters with editable poses and features, or they can import their own photos or drawings. There are objects and props to add detail to the story, as well as seven provided backdrops for each page. Users can add text in speech bubbles or directly onto the pages, controlling fonts, colors, and sizes. There are three starter books provided, with option to add to each story to finish it, as well as the tutorial book that explains how to use the app’s features.

Book creation has a wealth of educational value. It nurtures creativity and self-esteem, provides practical and hands-on experience with design and language, and promotes self-expression and language skills. This app is so easy to use that it will complement nearly any educational setting as well as provide hours of fun to families. It could even inspire some authors to share stories to a wider audience.


While this app is not really intended for entertainment, users will have fun creating and sharing their own stories. The embedded creatures and characters are whimsical and fun, and the provided props are quite creative. Best of all, users can import their own artwork or photographs as backgrounds, props or characters, leading to an array of possibilities. Mighty Colossus Storybook will encourage creativity, which is nearly always fun for all.


This app is a fine value at $3.99 in the App Store. Most children will adore the opportunity to be creative and share their books with family and friends. The app is powerful and flexible, and can grow with the user. This one’s a keeper!

Child Friendliness

This is perhaps the only drawback to this app. While developers have taken pains to avoid third party advertising and tempting purchases, the app does have unprotected links to email and the main website. It would be much better if these could be protected from children who are too young or whose parents do not want them to have access to such things.

  • NO in-app purchase
  • NO third-party advertising
  • YES external links, email link, all easily accessible

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