Math Galaxy Whole Number Riddles

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Math Galaxy Whole Number Riddles is a fantastic app that will help with basic computation practice as well as working with time, money and measurement. Kids from first grade on up will play for hours competing to see who can be first to solve the riddles or figure out the jumbled words.

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Math Galaxy Whole Number Riddles provides users with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems ranging from basic fact combinations through problems using two digit numbers. The app also includes time, money and measurement problems. The format is game-like, set up for one to three players, and correct answers are rewarded with a score in points. Correct responses reveal letters that eventually spell out spell the answer to a riddle. Correct answers in the Jumble section reveal a hidden word from the scrambled letters.

Features include:

  • Seven skill areas
  • Includes all four operations
  • Two game types
  • Multi-player capability
  • Engaging reward system


Math Galaxy Whole Number Riddles is a high quality app that is simple to use yet provides lots of options. The directions are straightforward and easy to understand, as well as being consistent across the game formats. Players will like competing with friends, so the multi-player feature is a nice touch.

Two minor concerns are the formatting of items in the Money and Measurement sections. In the Money section, players need to count coin replicas, and when there are multiple coins on the same item (such as four dimes), the coins are overlapped, making it difficult to see their value. Many children, particularly those struggling with math concepts, will have a very hard time counting these accurately. In the measurement section, students need to add, subtract, multiply and divide measurement numbers (such as 1 ft 6 in + 1 ft 1 in). However, the answers are written in the form “2/7,” which many students are likely to interpret as a fraction instead of “two feet, seven inches.” It would be better to use the abbreviations in the same way that the problems are set up, or if space does not allow that, then it would be better to use the standard ‘ and “ symbols for feet and inches.


This app does a great job with making necessary drill and practice enjoyable for students. Computation, particularly computation of the 100 basic math facts in all four operations, must be practiced until it becomes automatic, and this app will encourage practice in an entertaining way. Kids are bound to enjoy the classic riddles and knock-knock jokes.

It’s also very nice to have so many levels available in one app. Kids can practice basic computation in all four operations, problems with two-digit numbers, counting coins, identifying the time on clock faces, and performing computations with mixed measurements.


Most kids (and even many adults!) love riddles-and this app is full of them. The riddles activity randomly selects a riddle and poses a set of problems that have letters attached. Match the problem to the solution correctly and the letter will drop into place in the answer, eventually revealing it. If you happen to get a riddle that you’ve seen before, there is a button on the screen to change the activity to a different riddle. The Jumbles section will appeal to word puzzle fans, as well, with scrambled letters that reveal a secret word when matched to their problems. With hundreds of riddles and jumbles, you are unlikely to run out of fun!


This app is $3.99 in the App Store, and is a great value when you consider the vast range of play activities (suitable for students from grade 1 on up through middle school), and the incredible number of different problems and games. With multi-player capability, it’s also a wonderful addition to home or school.

Child Friendliness

This app is completely child-friendly with no links to the internet, email, or social media.

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  • NO in-app purchase
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