You Know Gravity? It Attracts You

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  • You Know Gravity? It Attracts You
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  • Last modified: July 19, 2017
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What holds humans onto the Earth? Gravity! Find out all about this powerful force in You Know Gravity? It Attracts You.

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Understanding how gravity works can be difficult for kids. You Don’t Know Gravity? seeks to make learning about gravity a little easier. This interactive eBook combines animated illustrations and interactive games with passages full of information about how gravity works. Kids will get to explore the earth and the solar system to see gravity and action, making a difficult concept much easier to understand.

Features include:

  • Short gravity quiz
  • Interactive illustrations
  • Gravity games
  • Helpful tutorials


Despite being full of information about gravity, the app does suffer from a few quality issue. Positives include a settings screen and on-screen tutorials that guide kids throughout the app. These tutorials, as well as the starting quiz, can be turned off in the settings. The main negative is the busyness of the text-based portion of the app. Between the on-screen tutorials, the multiple arrows, the text, and the other buttons, it can feel a bit overwhelming at times. Kids must pay attention to when they’re looking at a tutorial screen and be sure to tap the OK button to get back to the interactive portion of the app, otherwise they’ll keep swiping at the app and wonder why nothing is happening. They must also be careful to make sure all buttons have appeared before moving forward. Sometimes they’ll tap the forward arrow too quickly and miss an entire portion of the text when waiting on a slightly delayed next button would’ve gotten them there.


This app seeks to teach kids about gravity in a unique way. It starts with a short quiz which requires kids to access their prior knowledge about earth science, and gravity in particular. Once kids finish the quiz, they board a bus and start to explore the concept of downward motion. The app mixes informative paragraphs with interactive illustrations and fun games. They can tilt their devices to make the bus move and orbit the earth to save aliens. There is definitely a lot of information in the app. Unfortunately, some of the text-based passages are worded awkwardly and may keep kids from getting more than a basic overview of they information they’re trying to convey.


While there are many interactive graphics built into the app, its main focus is teaching kids about gravity. As a result, kids may find that it is a bit dull and text-heavy at times. There are efforts to make the text light-hearted and fun, which kids will appreciate, but some of those moments are lost in the lengthy sentences and awkward wording. Still, it’s not an entirely dry presentation and kids will find that it’s a more exciting and visual way to learn about gravity than simply reading about it in a textbook.


The app is priced similarly to other animated books for kids. The main difference is that this book was designed to be educational. Considering the amount of information about gravity it contains, as well as the interactive illustrations to help kids understand how gravity works, it proves to be a fairly good value.

Child Friendliness

The app contains a basic settings screen that allows kids to turn off the starting quiz and tutorials. What looks like a protected parent area is actually just a credits screen to highlight the developers who worked on the app. All of the other content is kid-friendly and focused on helping kids learn about gravity.

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What holds humans onto the Earth? Gravity! Find out all about this powerful force in You Know Gravity? It Attracts You.

$ $2.99
Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars