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Let kids watch fun and educational videos in a safe environment with Kidjo.

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Price: Free
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Parents looking for a safe place for kids to view educational and entertaining videos may find their answer in Kidjo. This video app, designed for kids ages 1-7, offers a range of videos just for kids. With the app, parents can set up a profile for a child. Within that profile, they can select the types of videos that child is allowed to watch. From nursery rhymes to tutorials, Kidjo offers a large selection of videos for kids.

Features include:

  • Free educational and entertaining videos
  • A safe viewing platform
  • Customizable profiles
  • Monthly subscription service


Parents will find that the app is well-organized and easy to set up. Once set up, kids simply tap on a video icon to see a list of available videos in that category. In the free version, premium videos are locked and clearly marked. All videos play directly within the app. Parents should make sure the device is connected to wifi to ensure videos play properly.


Within the general settings, parents have the ability to determine whether they want kids to see only educational content, only entertainment videos, or a mix of both. However, all of the videos have a bit of educational value, even if it’s just teaching kids about social skills and recognizing emotions. Within the app, parents can customize what kids see, which means they can determine what content is most beneficial for their kids.


The videos found within the app feature a mix of popular characters, animated songs, and other fun videos for kids. Kids can watch videos featuring Garfield and Mr. Men. They can watch video yoga and view tutorials. They can also listen to nursery rhymes and other stories. All of the videos have been designed with kids in mind and are highly engaging for kids.


The app is free to download and comes with a selection of free videos at each age level. Access to all videos is only available by purchasing a premium subscription which auto-renews each month. With the premium subscription, parents also get the ability to download videos and store them within the app for offline viewing.

Child Friendliness

In the protected parent area, parents have the ability to control various features of the app. Parents can set up individual child profiles which allow kids to search content appropriate for their age group. With each profile, parents can also set individual content controls to determine the specific types of videos kids see (or don’t see) within the app. The general settings section also gives parents the ability to limit screen time from 5 minutes to 90 minutes and (if the premium version is purchased) use the backpack to store videos so kids can watch them offline.

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  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES in-app purchase (protected, but visible)

Let kids watch fun and educational videos in a safe environment with Kidjo.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars