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Go back to a simpler time and interact with a classic doll house in Fuzzy House.

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Welcome to Funny House, an app that gives kids an opportunity to express their imaginations in an interactive doll house. As kids explore the different rooms of the house, they’ll get the opportunity to interact with fuzzy animal dolls and engage in a variety of activities, from changing the paint color of the rooms to calling friends from different countries on a rotary phone. Although modern in technology, Fuzzy House has more of a classic feel.

Features include:

  • Multiple rooms to explore
  • Cute characters to interact with
  • Suggested activities to enjoy outside the app
  • Engaging content for kids


The app has a very classic feel, from its crocheted characters to the decorations in the rooms that feel like they belong in another era. It also has a calming feel. Nothing is too busy. The most noise comes from turning on the record player or having one of the fuzzies strum the guitar. Kids can go from room to room, interacting with a host of objects. Some objects, when tapped, display a magnifying glass, which kids can tap to reveal a new activity or a craft idea they can enjoy outside of the app. All-in-all, the different elements of the app are response and intuitive for kids.


This app is not being rated for education.


Kids have the opportunity to explore the rooms in the house at their own pace. They can also interact with whatever objects they want. They can move flower vases, change the scene outside windows, select a different color for the decor, and even play a guitar. Some of the objects lead to different activities. For example, if kids give the phone to one of the fuzzies, it reveals a game where kids can dial numbers using a rotary dial and hear from kids in different countries. There is so much for kids to explore, it’ll take them a long time to get through it all.


Parents can let kids try out the app by downloading the lite version for free. If kids like, parents can purchase the full app to open up more rooms. The additional rooms give kids more objects to discover and more opportunities for imaginative play. The price of the full app is appropriate given the amount and quality of the content.

Child Friendliness

Parents are encouraged to visit the Fuzzy House website after tapping on an icon in the upper left-hand corner. On the website, parents can find additional resources to help enhance children’s experience with the app. Aside from the parent area, all content is appropriate for kids, so they can explore the app freely.

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Go back to a simpler time and interact with a classic doll house in Fuzzy House.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars