Smart Spark-Ignite Your Child’s Learning Potential

Child Friendly
Smart Spark-Ignite Your Child’s Learning Potential will help most families and even some teachers to analyze their child’s and their own learning style and to better understand how to best take advantage of everyone’s strengths to achieve more academic success.

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Smart Spark walks parents or teachers through a survey designed to pinpoint students’ learning styles, then provides an easy-to-understand report showing the child’s learning strengths, communication style and possible challenges.  It also analyzes YOUR learning strengths, communication style and possible challenges, so you can get information about interacting with the student.

Features include:

  • Engaging and easy to use survey
  • Clear, concise learning profile
  • Easy to share with teachers and other adults
  • Steady supply of tips relevant to working with your child
  • Update and make notes on the learning profile


Smart Spark is a high quality app that works as the developers intended it to. The app requires that adults set up a profile for themselves and one for each student. It presents a set of survey questions and then offers a summary of both the adult’s and the student’s learning style with strengths and challenges.  It also offers suggestions for how the adult should consider interacting with the student based on the combination of the two profiles. In addition, the app provides weekly suggestions and additional tips relevant to helping the student.  It does require an internet connection to see the report of strengths and challenges and to receive the new tips. Tips can be archived and viewed off line if desired.


Teachers are usually quite familiar with the concept of learning styles and strengths of learning modalities, but this information is often not available to parents. Smart Spark does a good job of bridging this gap. The short version is that everyone has a preferred, or strongest, way of learning. For some it is through the visual channel, for others it is through listening and speaking, and still others learn best by participating in hands-on activities. Teachers (and parents) also have styles in the way they present information. If the student’s preferred learning style does not match well with the teacher’s preferred teaching style, it can be difficult for the two to truly connect.

This app is great for analyzing and explaining students’ learning styles in positive, helpful language, but its true genius lies in showing how the parent’s (or other adult’s) style interacts with the student’s. It provides relevant reminders to keep the student’s style firmly in mind and tips to teach to the student’s strengths. Best of all, the information is presented in a decidedly positive framework no matter what learning style is involved. The “Smart Passport” shows a summary of the information gleaned from the survey in terms of preferred learning modality, suggestions for learning activities likely to be most successful, communication tips, and a summary of the student’s most likely challenges. Adult users can add their own insights to this document and share it with teachers or other adults as desired.

Once the initial evaluation is completed, the app provides a steady stream of suggestions and tips related to helping the profiled adult interact most successfully with the profiled student. This information will really help parents understand how to best assist their students with homework and other learning tasks.

The app is intended for use with children from ages 7-13, but can be extended for use with younger or older students with only slight modifications to the suggestions.


This app is not intended to be entertaining.


Smart Spark is a huge value! This app is free of charge in the App Store, and will be invaluable to parents and to teachers as they work to assist students with learning tasks, especially in cases where the adult’s style does not match with the student’s style.  It’s particularly nice to have guidance, suggestions and reminders about the student’s strengths and how to incorporate them into the process.

Child Friendliness

This app is intended for use by adults.  The precautions below are included simply for your information in case a child were to access the app.  It does require users to create an account either using an email address or a social media account.  Users must be online to access the Smart Passports and to receive the tips.

  • NO in-app purchase
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES Unprotected link to developers’ website
  • YES Unprotected links to social media

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