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  • Last modified: July 19, 2017
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Pack a bag, choose a boat, and send kids out to the open sea where they can explore the depths of the ocean and find some fun surprises along the way.

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Anchors aweigh! It’s time to pack a bag, grab a boat, and head out on the open sea. In Sago Mini Boats, kids have the ocean at their disposal. They can fly up above the water, dive deep down to explore its depths, and stop at deserted islands. As they head to their destination, kids will also get to load their boats up with a lot of fun items — or not. How the game to play is up to them.

Features include:

  • Popular Sago Mini characters
  • Multiple boats
  • Fun destinations
  • Numbered signs
  • Free play


Sago Mini Boats gives kids total control. They get to choose the destination, pack a suitcase, and select the perfect boat. Once they’ve chosen a boat, it’s up to them to get the boat to the destination. Kids can grab the boat to pull it up in the air or down into the water, or swipe their fingers to help it sail to their destination. The app is very sensitive so any small movement of kids’ fingers can pull the boat in a different direction. Kids will have to practice a bit to figure out how to get the boat to move where they want.


Creativity is the name of the game. Kids are encouraged to create their own adventure. In the water they’ll encounter a random variety of items, such as balloons, cupcakes, and buoys, that they can choose to ignore or collect in their boat. The game does incorporate a bit of counting practice through signs counting down the journey to the final destination, but beyond that the focus is really on getting kids to explain the story they’re creating as they sail.


By giving kids control over so many variables, the app hooks kids and creates an entertaining experience. First kids get to choose from a series of three destinations. Next, they fill a suitcase with the clothes of their choice. After that, they select from a large number of boats, including some silly boats, such as a banana, dill pickle, and a shark. Finally, they hit the open sea where they encounter all sorts of objects, from cupcakes they can eat to balloons they can pop.


Sago Mini Boats features high-quality graphics and is very entertaining for kids. It lacks a bit of educational focus which reduces its value a little, but is still a solid choice, particularly for kids who enjoy Sago Sago’s other apps.

Child Friendliness

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Pack a bag, choose a boat, and send kids out to the open sea where they can explore the depths of the ocean and find some fun surprises along the way.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars