Quick Math Jr. – School Edition

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  • Quick Math Jr. – School Edition
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Unlimited player profiles and a large selection of high quality, Common Core-aligned activities make Quick Math Jr. a must-have app for early elementary classrooms.

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Whether you want a Common Core-aligned app or are just looking for a solid math app to help kids build their basic math skills, Quick Math Jr. is a solid choice. This high-quality app allows kids to build their counting, number recognition, sequencing, and addition and subtraction skills through a series of fun activities. As kids play the activities represent each skill in a variety of ways and gradually increase in difficulty to help kids gain a well-rounded understanding of the concepts they are learning.

Features include:

  • Nine math games
  • Multiple player profiles
  • Customizable characters
  • Progress tracking
  • Common Core aligned


When kids first open the app, they’re greeted by peppy music and a brightly colored background. Squares in the middle of the screen invite them to select their name or add a new player. Once a player is chosen, the app then moves kids to the game board. There they can hit the play button to start making their way through a series of activities. Non-verbal instructions are provided before each game and kids hear light cheering as they successfully complete an activity. The games move smoothly and increase in difficulty as kids play. All of the elements appear to have been created with ease of use and quality in mind.


As kids make their way through the app, they’ll encounter games of increasing difficulty. For example, the first game has kids add the last number to a sequence. As they continue with the game, however, they must fill in missing numbers throughout the sequence. Kids also see numbers represented in different ways. For example, in one game, numbers are written traditionally and said aloud. In the next game, numbers are represented as dots on dice and by silly monster characters. These different representations of numbers and other concepts help kids develop a fuller understanding of what they are learning. This understanding is furthered increased whenever kids complete an activity. At the end of each activity, kids are shown a list of skills and the skill they just covered is highlighted to help reinforce the skill they just learned.


The variation in the way numbers and skills are represented adds to the entertainment factor of the game as well. Kids are not completing the same activity over and over again. This helps keep the game interesting. The cute monsters found throughout the game also help increase its entertainment factor. After completing many of the activities kids get the chance to customize their own monster characters.


While priced slightly higher than some of its counterparts, Quick Math Jr. is a quality app that covers a range of basic math skills in many different ways. It also allows users to create unlimited player profiles which means that it works well for a large classroom of kids. Using the report card feature, teachers can easily track each student’s progress and see what skills they have mastered.

Child Friendliness

The app does not contain any parent info sections, in-app purchases, or other icons designed to take kids away from the app. A small report card section appears on the main screen, but may not look interesting enough for kids to select it. The only drawback to the app is that kids have the option to delete player profiles which could cause them to delete the progress other players have made.

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Unlimited player profiles and a large selection of high quality, Common Core-aligned activities make Quick Math Jr. a must-have app for early elementary classrooms.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars