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  • Last modified: July 20, 2017
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Review Summary:

Who doesn't love a cool ice cream treat in the summer? Moppa Ice Cream is a fun app that allows players to get creative as they craft unique cool treats for their monster friends!

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Price: $2.99
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Moppa Ice Cream is the perfect app for kids to explore and enjoy during the summer months. With endless creative monster ice cream combinations to create and a cute back story to enjoy, this app is perfect to keep little ones engaged for hours. It’s ice cream fun, without the drippy mess!

Features include:

  • 18 Fun containers
  • In app story
  • 25 Ice cream toppings
  • Easy to use


Little ones are going to love Moppa Ice Cream not only for the brightly colored images and fun characters, but also for the never-ending ice cream creating they can do. The developers have done a very nice job incorporating fun graphics, music, and a theme all children can appreciate (ice cream) into a creative app that is easy to play. With no instructions at all, children can dive right in and satisfy the silly monster’s sweet tooth with their wacky ice cream creations.


While this app isn’t specifically an educational app it does have some potential to incorporate a bit of reading and early learning skills with a few tweaks. The story that is included in the app currently does not offer any narration or text highlighting, but by adding these simple details it could certainly open the opportunity for children to practice their reading skills as they play.

As it is now, the app encourages children to get crafty and creative as they put together fun ice cream creations varying in color with lots of options for different decorations and sprinkles. While not exactly educational in nature, it does bring out the more creative side of young children.


There is a ton of fun to be had in this app especially for young children. To start, children can read the story that illustrates what the Moppa Ice Cream fun is all about and then the fun begins. Players are provided 18 fun containers to house their ice cream creations where they then get to select various ice cream colors and flavors. After they are satisfied with their chosen scoops, they get to decorate it to their hearts content. Every thing from works, hats, funny lips, spider sprinkles, and gumballs are included in the 25 topping options which provide lots of creative opportunities for players. Once their ice cream is complete they can then feed it to one of 6 hungry monsters.

The concept of this app is very creative and the never-ending playtime makes for a great experience for young children. This has quickly become my 5 year old’s favorite app and it will likely be your child’s favorite too.


Priced at just under two dollars this app is priced well. With lots of great options and creative toppings for each creation and the story that is included, children will be getting lots of playing time out of this app which parents will certainly appreciate.

Child Friendliness

Moppa Ice Cream is not only safe for children to use, but it’s easy too. Without any instructions at all, children can jump right in and start creating their fun ice cream treats. The only thing that would make it a bit more user friendly is by incorporating a bit of narration and text highlighting for the story portion of the app. Other than that it’s great for children of all ages.

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Who doesn't love a cool ice cream treat in the summer? Moppa Ice Cream is a fun app that allows players to get creative as they craft unique cool treats for their monster friends!

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars