Learning to Tell Time Apps for Kids

Learning to time is a skill that every child needs to learn. These reviewed and recommended apps teach kids this valuable skill in a fun, educational way.

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Tell Time

Tell Time is an app that teaches children to tell time using a matching game concept. It includes voice record, customized text and audio, and so much more, this is a great app to introduce little ones to the concept of telling time.

Telling Time with the Smurfs

Telling Time with the Smurfs is an interactive storybook app that helps children learn to tell time with fun in-story activities. It offers a learning tutorial, digital and analog clocks, and lots of fun games that help users test their time-telling skills.

Todo Telling Time

Todo Telling Time is an early-learning time app that offers 6 multi-level mini-games including learning days and weeks, a time quiz, daily schedule and so much more. Great for children of all ages and fun too!

Tic Toc Time: Break Down the Day

Tic Tock Time: Break Down the Day uses concepts children are already familiar with including night, day, sun, and shadow to help them learn how to tell time. While learning a bit about the science behind telling time, players learn to tell time in a fun and innovative way.

Let’s Learn Time

Let’s Learn Time is an early learning textbook that teaches children the concept of time using fun illustrations, animation, and narration options. A bit different from your traditional learning app, it offers a unique way of teaching children how to tell time.

Smart Fish: Frequent Flyer

Smart Fish: Frequent Flyer is designed to help kids get ready to take a trip and offers step-by-step tutorials to help players get ready for their trip. Loaded with 13 landmarks, 20 suitcase designs, and 12 cross-cultural avatars, players are going to love this road trip themed app.

Charlie Jumped Out of the Clock

Charlie Jumped Out of the Clock is a cute storybook app that helps children learn how to tell time by using in story games, timed chores, and an easy to use practice mode. It also includes great illustrations and a fun story for children to enjoy.