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Child Friendly
I Love Potatoes is an adventure based app that teaches children a very valuable lesson in social change, recycling, and sustainability with an interesting potato metaphor. Unique, educational, and fun to play.

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I Love Potatoes is an adventure game that takes problem solving to the next level. This interesting app does more than just teach children to use their logical skills, but it also aims to teach players about social change and sustainability. This potato loving community needs help and players must help Chips (the main character) save his village from it’s fateful demise.

Features include:

  • Problem solving adventure game
  • Unique concept
  • Multiple languages


I Love Potatoes is an interesting app with a unique set-up that children will enjoy. The developers have done a nice job creating interesting graphics and characters that keep children engaged as they play. The user interface takes a little getting used to as children must follow the written clues and dialogue in order to move through the app successfully. While there are sound effects and other background noises, the dialogue is not exactly narrated in the language provided. It seems the characters have a language all their own which makes this app best used by children who can already read.


This app isn’t your typical educational app, instead it tests player’s logic and problem solving skills as they help Chips and his friends save their village. With clues to follow and various tasks to complete, children must stay focused and engaged in order to complete each task successfully. This app also offers a chance for children to learn life-lessons about sustainability and social change by simply playing the game.

While the concept of this app is a great idea to teach children, I’m not sure if the idea translates for children to truly understand the meaning behind it. Making it a bit clearer or more realistic might help kids understand it a bit more.


I Love Potatoes is an adventure game that is sure to keep children engaged the entire way through. Players must think strategically and use their logic to follow the clues as they help Chips save the village. While there are markers throughout to help players at some points in the game, this is one app that challenges children to use their imaginations to help get the job done.


Parents will definitely appreciate the value that is provided in this app because it is absolutely free. With a great educational concept to inspire children to think about social change and a challenging set up, this app is one parents can appreciate for the content and the price.

Child Friendliness

This app is aimed at children 7 and up and the user interface is fairly easy to use. There are some parts of the app that could use a bit more guidance for children with arrows or other indicators to help players through and make the app easier to play. Parents will also want to know that some of the language used may not be language that they deem appropriate. With phrases like ‘move your butt’ and other not very nice words that are used, some parents might be concerned allowing younger children to use the app.

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