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Child Friendly
Homework List is a handy tool that will help students get organized with school assignments and stay that way with minimal effort. The fact that it is digital should be appealing to most students.

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AppStore User Rating: 4

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Homework List gives middle, high school, and even collegiate students a centralized, organized method to record and monitor homework assignments and study goals.  The app will send notifications and alerts, and students can also record homework completion dates and other information.

Features include:

  • Set notifications for assignment due dates
  • Enter class details
  • Check off assignments as you finish and record completed work
  • Simple, intuitive design
  • Add priority settings for each assignment


Homework List is a high quality app that will help students stay organized as they work their way through school.  Developers have things well-organized: students enter classes on their schedule, and then can add assignments when they are given. All fields work well, and the app sends reliable notifications that students can schedule as needed. The app also allows prioritizing of assignments, and color codes them accordingly.


Everyone needs a little help with organization now and then, and this app just may be the digital equivalent of the paper student planning book.  Being digital is a plus for today’s tech-oriented students, and many may be more likely to use this system than the old-fashioned one. Plus, kids are seldom without their phones or tablets, but they frequently leave their book bags and notebooks behind when they are off to more exciting pursuits. Using Homework List with reminders set just may get their attention even when they are out having fun with friends and prompt them to get that assignment finished when they get home.

Homework List includes all of the recommended tools for organization and goal setting.  Students can note assignments, due dates and important details. They can set a priority for each assignment that will color code the assignment.  They also can keep track of completed assignments, either as reassurance that they actually did them or as a way to know where to look for study materials for the big test.


This app is not intended for entertainment.


This is a free app, and really helpful, so it’s a great value for older students. After all, how do you put a price tag on school success?  The appeal of digital tools may well make this app the tool that your student will be willing to use to keep tabs on homework, and that’s priceless.

Child Friendliness

This app should only be used by students who are over age 13.  It has unprotected links to social media, the App Store, email, ratings, and more.  It requires notifications be turned on to allow the app to send those all-important homework reminders, too.  Also, the “Settings” link is a bit disingenuous…this section contains rating tools, sharing tools, and social media connections, but nothing that has anything to do with running the app, other than a help button that reminds users to email or connect on social media to ask questions.

  • NO in-app purchase
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES unprotected social media links
  • YES unprotected email links
  • YES unprotected rating system

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