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Bug Hunt is an easy to use, search and find style app that allows little ones to explore the forest floor for all kinds of critters. Simple, fun, and great for children five and under.

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Bug Hunt is a simple search and find style app that is designed for ages 5 and under. This easy to use app encourages children to explore the forest floor to locate a variety of bugs during the day or at night. Simple, fun, and entertaining for little ones.

Features include:

  • Day/night option
  • Easy to use
  • Search and find concept


Bug Hunt is an easy to use app that includes simple graphics, interactive images, and realistic background music to keep children engaged. The app is set on the forest floor with lots of bugs, leaves, flowers and grass for children to explore. The user interface is pretty easy to use once children get the hang of it. It’s not totally clear at first how to ‘catch’ the bugs as you might think that simply tapping the bug is enough, when you actually have to tap and hold the bug until the net appears. After a few tries, children will have no trouble playing this app.


Not rated for education.


While Bug Hunt is based on the simple search and find concept it is one that young children will enjoy. With each new bug to find, the task gets a bit more difficult as there are more leaves, flowers, and other bugs crawling around making the task a bit more difficult. There is also the night time option that challenges players to locate each bug by only the light of the moon which is a fun alternative. Young children will enjoy the app as is, however it would be nice to incorporate an additional game or activity to keep players a bit more engaged.


Priced at just under three dollars this app seems to be a bit more expensive than some parents expect to pay for this kind of app. While it does have the day and night time options, it seems to be a bit limited in the activities. Adding one more activity would definitely increase the value overall.

Child Friendliness

The developers have done a great job of making this app easy to use and safe for children of all ages. Parents will certainly appreciate the fact that there are no outside links or in-app purchase links for children to be distracted by. After quickly figuring out how to capture each bug, children can play on their own without trouble.

  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchases

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