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Book Creator for iPad is a fantastic tool to encourage authors and illustrators of all ages and abilities to express themselves and share their work with family, friends and even the world if they wish.

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Price: $4.99
AppStore User Rating: 4

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Book Creator for iPad allows users to author professional-looking and creative multimedia projects using a wide array of tools including pictures, sounds, text, drawings, and more.  The books can be read on iBooks or various other e-readers, shared via Dropbox, email, or several other avenues, and can be exported as epub, pdf, or video formats.

Features include:

  • Pick from over fifty fonts
  • Add photos from the device or the internet
  • Draw directly on the pages
  • Insert recordings
  • Choose from three book formats


Book Creator for iPad is an outstanding app that will unlock creative opportunities for young writers and artists.  It is easy and intuitive to use, and very responsive. Developers have included many great features, such as an alignment grid, a snap-to-grid feature, rotation, and more. The app can create epub files, pdf files, or video files to upload to the web. There is a clear and well-presented tutorial that even offers some hands-on practice so users will be comfortable with the various features.


Book Creator for iPad puts professional ebook creation and publishing in the hands of students.  Imagine the delight of a young author able to see their very own work, text, illustrations, pictures, and even recordings displayed in the same app that allows users to read books from big bookstores and libraries!  That’s exactly what this app does and does very well.

Children of all ages (younger ones may need some help with the publishing and sharing functions) will benefit from truly publishing their creations. The skills needed to author a book are exactly the same skills needed for success in school and life: organization, clarity, written expression, persistence, and more.  Book Creator provides an excellent resource to build these skills.


Most people, including children, love to watch their ideas spring to life, and they love to show off for others.  This app provides both sensations.  While it’s not intended for entertainment, most students will find it extraordinarily gratifying to use, and they will return to it again and again.  Teachers who use the app are likely to find it a motivating tool for students, encouraging and nurturing the kind of creative learning experiences that we dream of in classrooms.


Book Creator for iPad is priced at $4.99 in the App Store.  There aren’t many other ways to personalize and publish books in this fashion, though, so the app is a great buy.  It’s also very useful for students of nearly any age and for adults as well.  Imagine being able to create family scrapbooks, journals, and more whenever you wish, and to do it for free!  Book Creator for iPad is well worth the investment and will be a well-used app in any family or classroom that encourages self-expression.

Child Friendliness

Book Creator for iPad is mostly child-friendly.  Parents of younger children should be aware that the app will request access to various sharing platforms, such as DropBox and iBooks, that are on your device.  There is also a mechanism to email books, so there is unprotected access to email.  These functions are an integral part of the app, though, so it would be very difficult to save or share the books without them.  Nonetheless, developers should consider creating a setting behind an effective parent gate that would allow adult users to make choices about which features (camera, microphone, sharing options) should be available for children.

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Book Creator for iPad is a fantastic tool to encourage authors and illustrators of all ages and abilities to express themselves and share their work with family, friends and even the world if they wish.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars