Best Special Needs Apps [Updated for 2020]

Help special needs children learn specific skills and reach new goals

We Reviewed Dozens Of The Best Special Needs Apps So You Don’t Have To. Here Are Our Top Picks.

Find apps to help special needs children learn specific skills and goals. Here are a few good Special Education apps.

Top Apps for Kids With Special Needs

Sometimes finding apps that meet your student’s learning challenges can be nearly as difficult as school, but these app developers have really come through for students, parents and teachers. ¬†This selection of recommended apps will help with communication, organization, social skills, reading problems, and much more.

Voice Dream Reader

Voice Dream ReaderVoice Dream Reader is more than a text-to-speech app. In addition to reading many types of digital files, it includes some outstanding features that make it incredibly useful to individuals with reading disabilities, those with visual impairments, and people who are learning to read.

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Stories2Learn is a best app for kids because it helps autistic children and children with other social challenges by creating personalized stories.

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Avaz AACAvaz for Autism

Avaz for Autism is an assisted communication system designed to help persons of all ages and abilities with basic and advanced communication needs. The app offers thousands of symbols organized into categories and subcategories, the option to type words, phrases and sentences, and the ability to add personalized symbols, pictures, sequences and to arrange them for quick access.

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MARTi provides users with step-by-step video and audio directions to complete simple tasks. These prompts can be created by parents, caregivers, teachers, mentors or others, and can be used by persons with disabilities, dementia, traumatic brain injury, or any other condition that limits the ability to sequence or recall tasks.

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Week Planner for Kids

Week Planner for KidsWeek Planner for Kids is an icon-driven system for keeping track of dates, the weather, daily and special events. Users see a colorful screen divided into seven days with room for six events on each day as well as a spot to note the daily weather forecast. Icons are paired with distinctive sounds that activate when touched.

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Sudoku Junior

Sudoku Junior is the perfect way to teach beginners how to solve Sudoku puzzles. With options from four by four grids through the traditional nine by nine grids, even the youngest players can be successful.

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Social Stories Creator and Library for Preschool, Autism, and Special Needs

Social Story Creator & LibrarySocial Stories Creator and Library for Preschool, Autism and Special Needs offers one free story and numerous others that can be purchased to help children learn to navigate social hurdles. Adults can easily create personalized stories to share, as well.

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