Awesome Puzzle and Problem-Solving Apps to Keep Little Minds Learning!

Kids Problem-Solving Apps

Here are some Awesome Puzzle and Problem-Solving Apps to Keep Little Minds Learning! Our roundup of some of the best puzzle and problem-solving apps for kids!  I tried to think outside-the-box for this list, these are not your typical put the pieces where they go puzzles, but more of the creative problem-solving kind!

Endless Wordplay

Endless Wordplay is one of my absolute favorite new kids puzzle apps out there!  My four year old son is in love with this app as well!  Brought to you by the team at ORIGINATOR, the same team behind Endless Alphabet, Endless Reader, & Endless Numbers – Endless Wordplay sets the perfect stage for spelling, word building, and wonderful rhyming.  This app will teach children how to recognize spelling patterns and phonograms, which are helpful skills when learning to spell and write.  There are 3 spelling lessons (9 words) to try for free, with additional lessons available for purchase.  I love the animations and the graphics, they are definitely top-notch.  If you would like to share a fun word puzzle of sorts with your child, be sure to check out Endless Wordplay!

Shiny Picnic – Sorting & Matching

Come along with Charlie the Monkey and his friends as they prepare for a picnic in the jungle! With Shiny Picnic, kids can enjoy a problem solving app that features both a story to read along with, as well as three educational puzzle games. This app is geared towards children ages 2 through 4 years old. There are three types of games: matching, sorting and one-to-one correspondence. The matching game will help children gain the ability to classify and pair like objects. With the sorting game, kids will learn to sort matched items into new groups. The one-to-one correspondence game will help children learn the concept of quantity, as they learn to share items “one-to-one” among the characters. If you would like to share a fun matching and sorting app with your child, be sure to check out Shiny Picnic!

Where’s My Water?

The Where’s My Water? app has previously won the Game Of The Year award.  Meet Swampy the gator, he needs your help guiding water to his broken shower!  Each level of this game features challenging physics-based puzzles with amazing life-like water mechanics.  In this kids puzzle app, kids will cut paths through the dirt to guide fresh water, dirty water, toxic water, steam and ooze to their proper places.  Every drop counts!  Can you get enough clean water to Swampy’s shower?  There are four original stories and characters – Swampy, Allie, Cranky and Mystery Duck all have their own scenario.  Along the way, kids can also collect special item they find in the dirt, as well as complete challenges and bonus levels.  If you would like to share a fun new game with your child, be sure to check out this physics puzzler!  I should mention this app is the original – but there are lots of fun new versions if you like this one, including – Where’s My Water? 2, Where’s My Perry? and Where’s My Mickey?.

Cut The Rope: Experiments

Another favorite kids problem solving app, Meet Om Nom, the adorable little candy eating monster!  With Cut The Rope: Experiments, kids will experiment to feed Om Nom candy throughout 200 challenging levels.  The little green monster is hungrier than ever, and kids can team up with the Professor to study Om Nom’s candy-eating behavior through a series of experiments.  There are 8 level packs with 200 levels, all of the levels feature innovative physics gameplay.  Kids will use suction cups and lots of other funny devices to feed Om Nom, while collecting shiny gold stars, uncovering hidden prizes and unlocking new levels along the way!  If you would like to share a fun physics-based puzzler with your child, be sure to check out Cut The Rope: Experiments.  And, if you enjoy this app, be sure to cut out the original, as well as Cut The Rope 2 and all the other fun sequels!


Inventioneers allows kids to create their own crazy, fun inventions!  With the help of the Inventioneers – tiny helpers with unique characteristics – kids can create fun, creative and quirky inventions.  This problem solving app allows children to learn about physics while exploring with inventions in realtime and learning the science behind different features, including: air, fire, magnetism and jumping.  In the free version, kids can explore the first chapter with 14 inventions, as well as hang out with the first Inventioneer, Windy; there are 40+ different objects to use in the inventions.  With the full version (purchase: one time fee), kids can explore 6 chapters with a total of 84 inventions, 40+ new objects, 10 characters that you can help, and 6 Inventioneers – Blaze, Sporty, Zappy, Bunny, Magneta and Freezy.  If you would like to check out a fun creative app, be sure to share Inventioneers with your little inventor!

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