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Introduce kids to the letters of the alphabet and high-frequency sight words as they play a series of fun puzzle games.

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Early readers have a new tool to help build the letter and word recognition skills they need to become strong readers. A to Z Playful Learning introduces kids to the letters of the alphabet and high-frequency sight words through a series of six different games. These games combine learning with fun activities such as popping bubbles, growing flowers, and playing with letter magnets. The combination of the two creates a quality app for toddlers and preschoolers.

Features include:

  • Six learning games
  • High-frequency sight words
  • Letter recognition
  • Fun background music


The app centers around six main games which are highlighted on the main screen. From that screen, kids can select one of the games and start learning. In general, the games are high-quality and fairly easy to play. However, a few of the games, such as the tractor and bubble games, could use clearer instructions. Along with unclear instructions, the audio for the words used in the game could be a bit louder. A speech bubble allows kids to repeat the words, but many times they’ll have to turn off the background music to hear what is said. When kids decide to move to a new game, they can simply hit the home button, but it is occasionally slow to respond and may need to be tapped more than once. Despite these minor issues, kids will still benefit from the games in this app.


Kids will learn to recognize both the words of the alphabet and high-frequency sight words. Some of the words seem designed for kindergarten or first grade rather than toddlers or preschoolers. However, the activities are focused more on letter recognition than the words, so younger kids will still be able to understand them. As kids make each word, they hear the letters in the word repeated aloud. American English speakers should note that the letter Z is pronounced “zed” in the app.


Each of the activities offers a different way for kids to interact with words and letters. They can use a watering can to help grow letter flowers, watch a train chug in with a new word, and bulldoze a word with a tractor. They can also bake cookies and blow bubbles with letters inside.


For the price, kids get access to six different games and are introduced to a large number of high-frequency sight words. Despite some of the quality issues, this app is a great buy for beginning letter practice.

Child Friendliness

A small envelope in the upper left-hand corner of the main screen leads to a protected parent area. Beyond that, kids have free reign over the app and it’s educational content.

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Introduce kids to the letters of the alphabet and high-frequency sight words as they play a series of fun puzzle games.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars