This is my car – Mechanics for kids

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Review Summary:

Grab your keys, rev your engine, and start making your car your own as you learn all about how it runs.

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Even though it’s likely at least 10 years until your child can get a driver’s license, it’s not too early to start talking about the basics of car maintenance. This is my car – Mechanics for kids does just that, giving kids a chance to create design their favorite car, and then learn all about the car from the inside to the outside and how to stay safe while driving.

Features include:

  • Design your own car
  • Learn how your car runs
  • Clean your car
  • Discover what happens in an accident


Even though it describes a pretty complex machine, the app itself is fairly simple. Each of the different sections contains easy to understand graphics and simple activities designed to introduce kids to the different parts of a car. Kids can quickly scroll from one section to another, although the app is a bit touchy at times and may take kids to the next section before they’re done with a current section. It also contains small text on the bottom of each section. While the text is read aloud, kids who want to read it may have a hard time seeing what it says.


For an app that has “mechanics for kids” in the title, you’d expect something a little more detailed. While many of the sections, such as those related to what happens in an accident, changing a tire, or checking the oil, offer valuable information for kids, some of the other sections, such as spray painting the car and washing the car are purely added for entertainment’s sake. The app does a good job at explaining the basics of cars, but it could easily include so much more information and interactive components for kids.


Kids will enjoy going through the activities, but they may find themselves a bit bored by the dull background music and the amount of audio descriptions on some of the scenes. While it’s interesting to learn about the different components of a car, it might be more entertaining to give kids little bits of information as they interact with the car rather than offering so much at a time.


This is my car – Mechanics for kids is priced a bit high for what it offers and could do a lot more at this price point. However, it’s also a one-of-a-kind app with not many other options available to give kids a simple overview of what a car does and how to take car of a car.

Child Friendliness

Kids will find themselves focused on learning all about cars as they interact with this app. At first, younger users may become a bit frustrated with the design of the app, finding it easy to swipe from activity to activity, but harder to actually interact with the activities. With a little bit of patience, however, kids will soon be designing their own cars, checking the oil, changing the tires, washing their cars, and taking pictures to add to a photo album.

Grab your keys, rev your engine, and start making your car your own as you learn all about how it runs.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars