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Traditional paper-based word searches get a technological update in this cute app that offers ready-made words lists and the ability to create your own word lists.

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Word searches don’t have to be used solely as busy work in the classroom. They can also offer a fun way to help kids learn how to spell new words both at school and at home. Squeebles Word Search gives kids plenty of opportunities to learn new words. Ready-made word lists offer three different levels (easy, medium, and hard) of words related to categories such as outer space, clothes, Christmas, and food. Parents can also create their own words, helping kids find the motivation to master their weekly spelling list or just encouraging them to practice recognizing fun new words. As they correctly find words during the word searches, kids will also earn turns to use during the Pet Race, a cute game where they guide the Squeebles’ pet, Onion, to collect stars, bones, and other items to earn points.

Features include:

  • Create your own word lists
  • Three levels of play
  • Ready-made word lists
  • Available in UK and US English
  • Add multiple players


Squeebles Word Search features the same silly characters and colorful graphics kids will find in all of the Squeebles apps. It’s easy for kids to click on the letters to highlight the words they find in the word search as the timer tracks their speed. It’s also easy for parents to quickly add words to create their own word lists and word searches to help keep kids challenged. What it lacks is background music to catch kids’ attention a little more, but it’s possible that kind of music might simply distract kids as they’re trying to find words anyway.


One of the biggest highlights of the app isn’t the ready-made word lists, it’s the ability to create your own word lists to use as part of customized word lists for kids. This makes it easy for parents to input weekly spelling lists or add words related to subjects that interest their individual kids. As kids solve the word searches, the app also tracks their progress, noting the number of word search completed and their best word search score, encouraging kids to keep trying to solve the word searches more efficiently.


Kids love completing word searches. Even so, many will need a little extra motivation to keep searching for words, especially with some of the more difficult searches. To help with that, the app incorporates the Pet Race game. Completing word searches earns kids turns to play the game, helping to motivate them to get through some of the less exciting play to get to the really fun game.


Along with allowing parents to create their own word lists, the app offers 20 ready-made word searches, easy available in three different levels. It can also be used with multiple kids, allowing both parents and teachers to customize the words for more than one kid and allowing each kid to earn points and turns for the Pet Race game.

Child Friendliness

In its default mode, the Parent Zone is easy for kids to access. However, it is free from links for kids to click on, so the most they can do is change the settings and add words of their own. Parents can also opt to select a passcode to protect kids from gaining access to the Parent Zone, ensuring they’re not creating word lists with silly words like “booger” and “toot,” which most young boys with access to that feature are likely to do.

Traditional paper-based word searches get a technological update in this cute app that offers ready-made words lists and the ability to create your own word lists.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars