Squeebles Maths Race

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Kids hop on a fish and answer math questions to be the first to beat their friends or the computer across the lake in this simple, but entertaining math game.

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Race a fish down the river in this cute game designed to build basic math skills. Kids have the option of competing against the computer or against one of their friends as they solve math problems. If they choose the computer, they can choose from six different levels of difficulty to make sure they find a formidable opponent. If they choose to play against a friend, they sit on opposite sides of the device and race to solve problems. During the game each player can choose a different level of difficulty and a different type of problem to solve, allowing kids at different levels to still compete against one another fairly. However kids opt to compete, when they win the race, they earn stars and the satisfaction of knowing they’ve got their basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills down.

Features include:

  • Add multiple players
  • Compete against computer or another player
  • Six levels of difficulty
  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division


When parents or teachers set up new players they can opt to have the game use UK or US English. They also get to turn on and off the levels of difficulty and select which types of problems they want each player to solve. The game uses those settings to guide the kinds of problems kids see. Kids also get to make some choices, including which Squeeble to play as and which color of fish to ride. If playing against the computer, they also get to choose their opponent’s level to make sure it moves at a compatible speed. All of these choices help enhance the quality of the game and make it run smoothly when it’s time to race.


Squeebles Maths Race focuses on helping kids reinforce their basic math skills by providing them with standard addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. While the game allows kids to choose the level of difficulty and the type of skill to practice, parents and teachers can turn off specific skills and difficulty levels to ensure kids focus on the skills they need. Adults can also monitor each player’s stats seeing what percentage of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division questions were answered correctly and at which levels players experienced the most success.


While simple and focused largely on solving equations, kids will still have fun playing the game. As they play they get to make choices such as which Squeeble to play as a what color of fish to race. They also get the opportunity to play against a friend with the game pitting the two players on different sides of the device and having them race head to head. The winner earns stars, but the loser will still enjoy the competition.


Multiplayers can be added to the app, giving kids plenty of opportunity for competition. They can also play against a guest or against six different levels of computer players. The four types of skills covered, as well as the four levels of question difficulty make this an app packed full of practice opportunity and fun.

Child Friendliness

When they enter the parent/teacher section, adults have the opportunity to set a passcode. This keeps kids from changing their settings or the settings of other players. It also keeps them from accessing information about other Squeebles apps. When they want to play the app, kids simply select their name from the list of players and choose an opponent. Since players are not protected by passcodes, kids could theoretically opt to play the game as any player, but most will choose to play as themselves in order to boost their stats and earn stars.

Kids hop on a fish and answer math questions to be the first to beat their friends or the computer across the lake in this simple, but entertaining math game.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars