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Review Summary:

There is no shortage of Spider-Man apps out there that is for sure. While the majority of these are based on the Amazing Spider-Man movies or are some kind of Marvel Universe app. Spider-Man Total Mayhem is the only game that is based on the comic book Spider-Man. So if the Spider-Man from the new movies is a little too dark then this is the Spider-Man for you

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AppStore User Rating: 4

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If your child likes Spider-Man then without a doubt this is the ultimate game for them!

Features include:

  • Fantastic graphics, very long game, great controls, features great Spider-Man villains


Spider-Man Total Mayhem is one of the best looking apps you are likely to see. This is a game that is just gorgeous on every single level. It’s not farfetched to say that the game looks like a Playstation 2 game that really is how good it looks. The guys behind this game Gameloft clearly did their homework on Spider-Man and if your child loves the Spider-Man comic books then they will love the attention to detail in this game. Spider-Man and the various villains which include Rhino, Green Goblin and Venom just to name a few all look amazing. As well as having amazing character models. Spider-Man Total Mayhem also has some great level design. The great visuals are accompanied by a really good sound track and a well written story that kids will be engrossed by.


This is a video game first and foremost. This is all about the game play and as a result there is not a great deal of educational value here at all. There is quite a large amount of text for your child to read. And the game does require some quick reflexes so it will do wonders for hand eye coordination, but educational value clearly was not something that was considered when this game was being made.


What Spider-Man Total Mayhem lacks in educational value it more than makes up for in sheer entertainment. The game sees you playing as Spidey needing to foil the plot of six of Spider-Man’s most iconic villains. The story is great and without a doubt every child who plays this game will want to see it through to the very end. This is a game that has some really amazing controls. Quite often a 3D action game like this is let down by frustrating controls. But Gameloft did a wonderful job in giving Spider-Man a great range of attacks, but they have made then very easy to pull off. So your child really can feel like a super hero without getting frustrated with the controls. The game is just a blast to play from the beginning to the very end.


In an age when so many action or licensed games want to nickel and dime you at every opportunity it’s great to get a game where you pay for it once and that is that. This is a complete game and everything that you need in order to beat the game from beginning to end is here in the asking price. This is a really fun game to play through, but each level can be replayed in order to find hidden extras. And truth be told Spider-Man Total Mayhem is so much fun to play that this is a game your child really will want to beat over and over again. The price may seem a little high, but this is a really well made, high quality game that truth be told would be good value even at $10!

Child Friendliness

There are some unprotected links to other Gameloft games. And the game does ask you to make a Gameloft account, but this is not necessary to play the game. The game can get quite challenging in the later levels, but there is a very fair learning curve where the game gets slightly more difficult as your child progresses through the game. The “violence” in the game is not over the top and in line with what you would expect from a game based on a comic book. There is no blood or broken bones here.

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