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With the Sharing with DuckieDeck app, children will learn how to share their toys and goodies with friends through fun and engaging activities. This is a must-have app for parents and teachers!

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Sharing with DuckieDeck is another one of our featured apps in our Chores & Behavior Apps for Kids post that teaches children how to share their food and toys as they play with their friends. That’s not all, this app also has some fun, creative activities to explore as well. With great illustrations, fun interactive images, and the sharing lessons children will learn, this app is a must-have for parents and teachers.

Features include:

  • 6 Activities
  • Easy to use
  • Creative set up


Sharing with DuckieDeck is full of bright colors and interactive images that children are going to love. The characters, animals, and settings of each activity are high quality and very engaging for children. The audio consists of sound effects, entertaining background music, and cheers from the characters as they share their toys and food with one another. The developers have also done a wonderful job making this app easy to use for children of all ages. There are prompts throughout that help to guide children as they complete each activity and the tap/touch technology that is used throughout also makes this app easy to use.


This app is great for teaching children how to share with friends. There are 4 of the 6 activities that specifically focus on sharing toys and food with friends. For example, an apple is broken into four pieces and children must give each friend a piece of the apple to complete the task. There is also another activity where various characters are playing with their toys and the player gets to exchange toys with one another which is great for children who might need a little practice in this area at home.


In addition to the sharing activities, children can also decorate a cake, draw and color a picture, and play a matching game. Another great feature of this app is the reward system. Each time an activity is completed, players earn a sticker to add to their collection which gives children something to look forward to as they play. These added activities not only add a bit of fun to the app, but they also help to provide a more balanced app with education and entertainment.


Priced at just under two dollars, this app is a great deal. With 6 activities to keep children engaged and entertained, this app is one parents and teachers should have as it will soon become a family favorite.

Child Friendliness

Sharing with DuckieDeck is very intuitive and easy to use for children of all ages. There are gentle prompts throughout each activity to help little ones as they play and the tap/touch technology makes it easy for children to move through the app without a lot of assistance. The developers have also done a great job keeping the app safe for children to use. There are no social media links, in app purchases or advertisements to be concerned with and as an added bonus for parents, the developers have included a guide that will assist in using this app as a tool for teaching how to share.

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