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  • Last modified: September 12, 2014
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Review Summary:

Sago Mini Friends is an adorable app designed for young children that encourages creative play with a friend or alone.

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Price: Free
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Sago Mini Friends is a recent addition to the Sago Mini series of apps designed for young children. In addition to the endearing characters, children will find the same cheery and friendly atmosphere.

Features include:

  • Designed for young children
  • Play alone or with a friend
  • Encourages creative play
  • Multiple age-appropriate activities


Another high quality Sago Mini app for young children, Sago Mini Friends will not disappoint when it comes to the design elements used. With a little direction the first time through children will easily be able to play alone or with a friend.


While playing alone or sharing the app with a friend or family member children will be exposed to many educational opportunities. Activities include chores such as washing dishes, hammering nails or helping a friend off to bed.

When parents can peel this app away from their child, Sago Mini developers have provided a section for parents. In this section parents will find suggestions on expanding the educational value of the app.


Sago Mini Friends offers a variety of activities and endless game play. Children can choose which Sago friend they want to play with as they visit the other Sago friends. During their visit children will find themselves assisting with a number of chores. Typically, chores wouldn’t sound like much fun to a kid; Sago Mini Friends makes these everyday activities entertaining by adding unexpected surprises along the way. Plus, chores are always more fun when done with a friend.


Whether parents download Sago Mini Friends intending for it to be used for entertainment or reaping the full educational benefits, the current price of less than three dollars is a good value. Children within the targeted age ranged are sure to return to the app over and over.

Child Friendliness

Before handing this app over to children parents may want to hide the two menus intended for adults; the menus can be hidden in the device settings. When the menus are set to show in the app, the parents menu is protected with the simple finger swipe method; however, the play now menu is not fully protected and does contain a video that is unprotected. A simple solution would be to combine both menus into the parents menu which is already protected. Making this simple change would increase the app’s rating for this section. Sago Mini Friends does not contain in-app purchases or ads.

Sago Mini Friends is an adorable app designed for young children that encourages creative play with a friend or alone.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars