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  • Last modified: April 15, 2014
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Review Summary:

PlayKids is a wonderful app with so many activities, well-known video programs (Calliou, Super Why, and more), music, stories, and so much more that will keep children entertained for hours.

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PlayKids is a wonderful one stop shop for well-known video programs (like Calliou, Super Why, and many more) games, stories, music, and so much more to keep children engaged and entertained. With an app like this road trips and other places where kids may have to wait for a long period of time can be a breeze. This all-inclusive app has something for everyone in an easy to use and safe virtual environment for kids to have a ton of fun.

Features include:

  • Videos
  • Puzzles
  • Music


PlayKids is full of high quality videos, interactive activities, illustrations, and games that children are going to love. The sound quality is also very good with lots of music, sound effects, and narration that make it great for children of all ages. The interactive setup of this app makes for an highly engaging and fun app for kids to play without a ton of instruction or assistance. Children can easily move through the app and select which activity, book, or video they want and start playing. With so much in one app, the developers have done an excellent job of organizing the material so it is easy to access and enjoy.


While this app has so many wonderful interactive activities to enjoy, many of them also allow children to practice and learn new skills. For instance, there is an activity in the ‘playground’ area of the app where children must put toys away by matching the toy with the shape of the toy correctly. There is also another activity that teaches children the sounds of various animals and an activity that teaches children how to draw specific pictures.

The various videos that are included in the app are also great for teaching children specific life lessons in episodes of well-known television shows like Caillou and Super Why! There is also an activity that allows children to follow the pattern of notes to play a song on the piano as well as a few stories where children can practice their reading skills. To list all of the educational activities would make for a long review, but there truly are so many activities for children to enjoy in this app!


If all of the educational features in the app weren’t enough, the developers have included coloring activities, lullaby songs, books, puzzles, a matching game, music and so much more for children to enjoy. This is one app that children can use over and over again without being bored because of all that it offers. There are videos from 16 different kid’s shows(with several episodes for each in the paid version) that children will love especially if they are on the go and need to be entertained for a bit. The developers have really done an outstanding job making this app versatile and fun.


PlayKids is offers a free version that includes some of the activities, limited videos, one storybook, and the lullabies which is a lot when you look at it all together. There is an option to purchase a subscription for $4.99 that would include the rest of the videos and activities. The developers are also offering one month free for parents to try it out which is nice. Whether parents decide to simply use the free version or purchase the subscription, this app has a ton of activities to keep children engaged and entertained for hours.

Child Friendliness

What I love about this app more than the many activities is how simple it is to use. Children will not need to have a lot of assistance from parents to get started as they can simply tap the videos and activities they want to complete on their own. The user interface is very intuitive and the activities are organized in a very easy, accessible way for children.

Parents can also rest assured knowing that the parents area of the app that includes the offer for a free month and subscription are protected so children aren’t likely to get into these areas. There aren’t any social media links or advertisements to be concerned with so parents can allow their little ones to play and enjoy this app without worry.

PlayKids is a wonderful app with so many activities, well-known video programs (Calliou, Super Why, and more), music, stories, and so much more that will keep children entertained for hours.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars