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Learn to count, add, and subtract in English and in Spanish through a series of math games that entertain kids and help them build confidence in their basic math skills.

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Whether they count in English, Spanish, or both, kids will build their basic counting, addition, and subtraction skills as they play Numbers at Home. Beto guides and encourages kids as they play the six different games found within the app. While the amount of praise offered may seem a bit excessive some, kids will love hearing “great job” and other positive words for every correct tap, even if it’s just hitting an arrow to go from number to number. They’ll also find themselves delighted by the animated fruits, numbers, and other objects that appear throughout the game. With 2 different levels of plays and games that increase in difficulty, kids of different skill levels will find a way to enjoy the app.

Features include:

  • 6 different games
  • 2 levels of play
  • Earn stickers
  • Full of positive praise


Bright colors, fun sound effects, background music, and animations entertain kids from the moment they open the app. A few elements could use a bit of brightening up, particularly the addition game where kids may find it difficult to see the transparent balloons, but otherwise kids will find responsive, quality graphics, sounds, and animations.


By playing the six different games, kids will move from basic number recognition and counting to adding and subtracting in a very short period of time. Each game also offers two levels of play – easy and hard – to appeal to even more learners. Kids will also get to do learn in two different languages, making it ideal for bilingual households and kids who have an interest in learning another language.


As kids play, they have the opportunity to earn stickers for completing activities. Not only can kids play with the stickers they earn on a whiteboard, but earning 15 stickers unlocks a special bonus game. When not playing with the stickers, kids will have fun interacting with Beto, the app’s main character and listening to his positive messages as they successfully complete tasks.


With six different games and two levels of play for each game, as well as being available in English and Spanish, kids have the opportunity to learn a lot and have a lot of fun as they spend time exploring all Numbers at Home has to offer.

Child Friendliness

A parental lock blocks access to the about screen which contains links to some of the developer’s social media accounts. There parents will also find descriptions of each game and level. This will prove useful in helping kids decide which game to play. For kids, oral directions help them get started and guide them as they play the game. If they need help, they can touch Beto’s face to receive additional guidance.

Learn to count, add, and subtract in English and in Spanish through a series of math games that entertain kids and help them build confidence in their basic math skills.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars