My First 10monkeys Math App

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Review Summary:

Monkeys head to outer space to help introduce kids to basic math skills in this quality galactic math app.

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Fly into outer space and help the monkeys solve basic math problems in My First 10monkeys Math App. This galactic educational app covers seven different math topics designed to introduce kids to basic math skills. As they play, kids will encounter stars, planets, flowers, and, of course, a host of silly monkeys. They’ll also get to make music, finish patterns, and enjoy multiple mini games. The app’s simple design and wealth of skills make it a must-have for young math learners and a good stepping stone to the other 10monkeys math apps.

Features include:

  • 7 mini games
  • Fun background music and sound effects
  • Silly monkeys and other fun graphics
  • Easy-to-use interface


Navigating this math app is easy with its simple design and clearly labeled interface. All seven concepts appear on the bottom of the main screens, while a bright red X, question mark, and settings icon make it easy for kids to navigate back to the main pages or get help while they’re playing one of the seven mini games. Beyond the simple design, kids will also find fun sound effects and background music, kid-friendly images, and lots of monkeys on the main screens, although not as many in the actual game.


Kids will get help building seven different math skills: counting, comparing, geometry, number recognition, patterns, measuring, and sharing. Each skills comes with a different game. For example, sharing has kids choose number pairs that add up to a given number, while comparing has them look at a series of objects to see which has the least or the most of something. All of the games are fairly simple and easy for kids to understand, with hints offered to kids when they really get stuck.


Positive reinforcement encourages kids to keep playing the games and hints keep them from getting frustrated when it gets hard. In fact, the app even praises kids when they get all the answers in a game wrong because at least they made the effort. The app encourages free play so kids can move between the seven different concepts and aren’t penalized for not completing a game.


The app offers seven different mini games, with some of the mini games having two different modes to choose from. It’s priced at the same rate as similar apps, but brings a little more depth to the early math skills than some of the other apps out there.

Child Friendliness

While the app is ad-free and easy for kids to navigate, some kids may still have a bit of trouble. Each of the games comes with text-based instructions, but there is no narration to help kids know what the instructions say. While most of the game play is intuitive and kids will quickly figure them out, especially with the help feature, narrating the skills titles and game instructions would be helpful. At first, non-readers may not be able to tell what skill they’re practicing because all of the games are labeled with names such as patterns, number recognition, and measuring, not really with pictures that hint at the content they offer.

Monkeys head to outer space to help introduce kids to basic math skills in this quality galactic math app.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars