Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity

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  • Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity
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Review Summary:

Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity is an interactive, thorough study guide for basic physics concepts in the two areas. The app is informative and engaging, and a great resource for upper elementary through beginning high school students.

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Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity is an interactive study that covers basic information about these two physics topics. The app offers tutorials that cover basic concepts in the form of animated, narrated ebook pages, quizzes, games that reinforce the concepts taught, video demonstrations of simple experiments, and a reference system that allows users to look up concepts, vocabulary, and famous people related to the topics.

Features include:

  • Seven animated and narrated tutorials
  • Twenty video experiments with included prediction opportunities
  • Three entertaining mini-games that reinforce relevant physics concepts
  • Reference materials including dictionary, scientist biographies, and concept summaries
  • Bookmarking capability


Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity is an outstanding app that is perfect for beginning physics students from upper elementary through high school.  The app nicely blends animation, video, narration, and interactive features to create an engaging, memorable experience that closely approximates the type of hands-on experience foundational to the study of physics. The mini-games feature will capture most students’ interest while reinforcing the same physics concepts explained in the tutorial pages and summarized in the reference materials.  This app is exceptionally well-designed and useful for a wide range of students.


This app is an incredible resource for science students and teachers. The narrated, animated tutorials are clear and interesting, making a great instructional or review tool. Each is followed by a short quiz to help users assess what they’ve learned.

There are twenty experiment videos that show related activities in detail. These are just a fraction of a step short of a true hands-on experience, and will be very useful especially to students who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to try them. Some of the experiments shown use specialized materials that may be difficult for a student to access outside of a classroom setting, so they are also great for learners who are working on their own. In addition, each experiment includes opportunities to pause and make predictions about what will happen next. This is a great way to encourage higher-order thinking skills and keep the young scientists engaged in the process instead of allowing them to simply be passive observers.

The reference section includes a dictionary, a topical concept review, and short biographies of scientists who contributed to the fields of magnetism and electricity. Users can bookmark entries that they wish to use later.

The app’s mini-games are particularly well designed-each one provides review and reinforcement of concepts taught in the tutorials and shown in the experiments. For example, the “Bounce Bounce UFO” game requires players to reverse the polarity of the magnet to attract or repel items to win points.


Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity is highly engaging and designed to catch the interest of young scientists. Each page of the tutorials has relevant animations and clear narration with good inflection. The graphics are a nice mixture of fanciful drawings and clear photographs. The Dictionary and other reference sections feature informative diagrams, often with some additional animations.

Perhaps the most entertaining feature of the app is the mini-games. The three games will seem a bit familiar to many users, because they have a similar play style to popular arcade games. However, the details of each game are closely related to concepts being taught by the app, which will help students to make connections among pieces of vital information and make the ideas more memorable. The games keep high score records, which should please even competitive students.


This app is an outstanding value, particularly for homeschooled students or those who are interested in these physics topics but not currently covering them in school. It offers outstanding educational content, realistic experiments, relevant interactivity and entertaining presentation.  Most students will find it enjoyable enough to use again and again.

Child Friendliness

Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity is very child-friendly. There are no outside advertisements, in-app purchases, links to social media, connections to the internet or options to send email. The directions are clear and easy to follow, making the app exceptionally easy to use.

Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity is an interactive, thorough study guide for basic physics concepts in the two areas. The app is informative and engaging, and a great resource for upper elementary through beginning high school students.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars