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A young Leonardo da Vinci introduces kids to the basics of math, science, engineering, and other early learning skills, while also teaching them about turn-taking and other social skills.

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Leo’s Pad introduces kids to a young version of an infamous Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci. While they interact with the child painter, inventor, mathematician, and engineer, kids do more than build their academic skills. As kids play games and solve puzzles, they also learn about concepts such as turn-taking and showing consideration for others. This helps kids feel like they’re not just playing a game, they’re actually interacting with Leo, a new friend, and instantly become friends with all of Leo’s friends as well. They’ll help Leo and his friends build inventions, create birthday cards, solve problems, and play an integral role in everything they do.

Features include:

  • Multiple appisodes
  • High-quality animation
  • Games, puzzles, and stories
  • Emphasis on cognitive and social skills


The quality of Leo’s Pad is astounding for a free app. Kids will find high-quality, interactive animations that move at the perfect pace for them. When it’s time for kids to complete activities or help out Leo and his friends, the timing is just right, giving them enough time to respond, but not so much time that they’re twiddling their thumbs waiting for the next step. In addition to the animations and fun music, the app offers adaptive technology, helping to structure the interactions to kids’ individual needs.


Since Leonardo da Vinci was an inventor, engineer, and mathematician, kids get the chance to build many related skills as they interact with Leo and his friends. They’ll learn about shapes, colors, machines, and other basic math and science concepts, and build their logic skills through special games and puzzles. Kids will also get a chance to express their creativity through fun art activities. As they go through these games and activities, they’ll also get a chance to learn about taking turns and develop key character traits, such as kindness.


Because the appisodes give kids the opportunity to play an integral part the stories, kids will want to spend plenty of time playing with Leo and his friends. While kids cannot always choose which activities they complete, the appisodes go through a variety of activities, helping to keep kids interested and ensuring they get to have fun while they learn. Each of the activities kids complete and games they play also connect to the story as a whole, making it easier for kids to buy-in to activities they may not initially find interesting.


The high-quality animation, interactive elements, and focus on social and cognitive skills make Leo’s Pad an app worthy of a reasonable price tag. What makes it truly stand out, however, is that the developers offer the app for free and occasionally add new appisodes to encourage kids to keep learning.

Child Friendliness

As kids play, they will find that the activities begin to adapt to their individual levels. Parents can sign up to track their kids’ progress through Parent’s Pad. They’ll see how their kids are improving or declining in particular areas, as well as get suggestions for what to do with their children beyond the screen. Not only is Leo’s Pad easy to use, but it’s focused on truly building kids’ skills and helping parents take their learning to the next level.

A young Leonardo da Vinci introduces kids to the basics of math, science, engineering, and other early learning skills, while also teaching them about turn-taking and other social skills.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars