Gravity Falls Mystery Shack Attack

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  • Gravity Falls Mystery Shack Attack
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Gravity Falls has been one of Disney's hottest new shows of the past few years. The series is about a brother and sister called Mabel and Dipper who stay with their Gruncle at the Mystery Shack in the town of Gravity Falls. Gravity Falls is home to all kinds of weird and odd creatures and Dipper and Mabel often get up to some crazy adventure. Gravity Falls Mystery Shack Attack is actually the first video game adaptation of Gravity Falls.

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Disney’s most fun original show in years now has its very own video game!

Features include:

  • Great graphics

  • Fun sound effects

  • Challenging game play


As this is a Disney game you will not be surprised to know that Gravity Falls Mystery Shack Attack is a game that looks and sounds amazing. Disney simply do not make cheap looking games and this one continues that trend. The game has a really fun and well told story that sees the villain of the series Lil Gideon unleash all kinds of creepy creatures on the town of Gravity Falls. It’s up to Dipper, Mabel and their Gruncle Stan to save the town and put Lil Gideon in his place. The game manages to capture the look and the feel of the TV show very well. And fans of the show will instantly recognize the characters and all the little hidden features that really bring the game to life.


There is some education value here. In that the game requires you to really think on your feet and make some quick decisions. This is a game that will use your organization and problem solving skills in order to progress through the game


Gravity Falls Mystery Shack Attack is very entertaining. It is a tower defense game where each level sees you needing to defend a certain location in Gravity Falls. Each level has a variety of creatures that will move on the location in order to destroy it. Your goal is to protect these locations and keep Gravity Falls safe. You have a supply of various different traps and weapons that will destroy the creatures. You need to think very carefully about where you will put these items as the creatures can attack from all sides. So there is no point in loading up one side with traps and leaving another side unprotected. You can move things as the battle is going on so you will always be needing to do something. The game offers a great deal of fast and frantic fun.


This is a great value game that is only a couple of bucks when it is at full price, but like many Disney games it goes on offer quite often. Truth be told even at a couple of bucks there is vast amount of game play here. You can through game play actually see all that this game has to offer which is always a nice thing.

Child Friendliness

This is a game that is really aimed at children who are already fairly skilled gamers. There is a learning curve here that will see younger and less experienced gamers probably get frustrated with the game, but if your child likes a challenge then they will get a real sense of achievement each time they manage to defend one of the locations in Gravity Falls. There is no parent gate in the game and there are unprotected links for other Disney apps and the Disney website as well.

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