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Review Summary:

If you want to learn about fractions, head to the tropics, In Fruity Fractions, kids will learn all about fractions, starting with recognizing equal and unequal parts and moving to identifying actual fractions. As they complete activities, kids will unlock portions of an entertaining story featuring tropical birds.

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Fractions practice starts in the kitchen – or in the case of Fruity Fractions the tropical jungle, where kids will find pineapples, kiwi, mangoes, and other tropical fruits ready to help them learn about fractions. As they play, kids go through a series of challenges that increase in difficulty and help them see fractions represented in a variety of ways. Each activity also includes a mini lesson about fractions to help kids understand why they’re completing the particular task. They’ll cut fruit apart, put it back together to make a whole, and identify specific fractions. As they successfully complete activities, they’ll unlock portions of a fun story featuring tropical birds.

Features include:

  • Real-life objects
  • Common Core aligned
  • Multiple levels
  • Cute animated story


Kids will truly feel like they’ve stepped on to a tropical island as soon as they enter the app. They’ll hear the upbeat music in the background, see the brightly colored birds, and feel as if they could taste all of the delicious tropical fruit. Each activity provides kids with clear instructions and they can quickly figure out how to complete the task and move on to the next level.


As kids go through the increasingly difficult activities, they’ll gain a thorough understanding of fractions. While developers claim the app has been optimized for ages 6-10, the activities feel like they were designed for the younger end of the audience. Kids start by learning what a fraction is and identifying shapes cut into equal parts. From there, they move to labeling fruits with the fractions they represent, putting together parts to make a whole, and eventually combining parts to represent more complex fractions.


While successfully completing activities helps kids unlock more of the accompanying story, most kids may not be aware of this fact. Once they are, they’ll be more motivated to complete the activities. Without that motivation, some kids may have some difficulty sticking with the activities, as the peppy background music stops during many of the activities and they have more of an academic focus than a fun focus.


Parents and teachers could cut up their own fruit and create many of the activities found in Fruity Fractions, but it would be a lot messier and a lot less fun. Along with the different levels of activities, kids get access to notes about fractions, making the app a strong fractions resource, not just a fun game.

Child Friendliness

While the content aligns with third grade Common Core math standards, its appearance makes it better suited for kids in kindergarten, first, or second grade. However, many of these kids will struggle through the app because of the amount of un-narrated text it contains. Narrating some of the information about fractions or provided other verbal instructions could make it more accessible to a larger group of children. However, even those who cannot read will begin to grasp many of the concepts.

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