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Go beyond just teaching kids to count with this interactive number grid that allows them to place numbers from 1 to 100 both randomly and using a pattern to improve their counting and skip counting skills.

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Whether kids want to learn to count to 10 or to 100, they can learn how to count with Build to 100. This basic math app provides kids with a grid that contains spaces for all of the numbers from 1 to 100. At the beginning, kids see an empty grid and must fill in all of the numbers, but tapping twice on the settings icon allows parents to customize the grid, having kids randomly fill in a specific range of numbers or opt to have kids fill in numbers in a pattern to help them learn skip counting. Whatever settings kids use to complete the grid, they’ll be rewarded with cheers and positive words when they get all of the numbers in place.

Features include:

  • Count by patterns
  • Changeable range
  • Record completion time
  • Hear numbers read aloud


Kids won’t find much more than the number grid when they access to the app. The simple design allows kids to focus on the counting without getting distracted by bright graphics or background music. In fact, the only sounds they’ll hear are the numbers spoken aloud, a light sound when each number tile is placed, and a cheer when they get all of the numbers in place. The simpleness doesn’t transfer to the settings screen where parents and teachers will find a wealth of options to help customize the game. They can select whether kids build from 1 to 100 or in other intervals of 10. They can also opt to have kids build in a pattern mode where they can select to skip by a number from 2-10 to help kids practice skip counting. These settings help customize the app to fit kids’ individual counting needs.


Kids can learn how to count from 1 to 100 in a variety of different ways. Parents and teachers can customize the board to fit their individual needs. From the settings screen they can also access teaching tips which provide an overview of the settings available, as well as things to look for when working with kids one on one. Examples of observations include questions such as, “Do students apply addition and subtraction to get to the place fairly quickly?” Parents and teachers will also find questions to ask kids, such as, “How did you know the number goes there?”


This app is not being rated for entertainment.


Build to 100 comes in at a price comparable to many other basic math apps. While simple in appearance, the ability to change the settings gives parents and teachers a chance to expand how often kids use the app and help it to grow with their counting skills.

Child Friendliness

Since the bulk of the app is a number grid, kids won’t find their attention drawn elsewhere. They’ll also find it fairly easy to place the number tiles in the correct place. The settings screen is accessed by a small icon in the upper right-hand corner, which must be tapped twice to gain access. Within the settings screen, parents and teachers must tap on the teaching tips button three times to access helpful tips and links to the app store and the developer’s website. The additional taps get kids to think twice before accessing the settings and teaching tips screen and encourage them to stay focused on the game itself.

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