Bug Mazing – Adventures in Learning

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With fascinating, colorful bugs skittering around the screen, this app will entertain preschoolers for hours as they learn about letter order, counting, colors and more.

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Bug Mazing-Adventures in Learning lives up to its name in lots of ways. Young players solve mazes by tracing lines, sequencing colors, recalling the order of the alphabet and counting. The concept and the fun, colorful thematic graphics put this app in a class by itself!

Features include:

  • Automatic leveling system to provide appropriate challenges
  • Five levels of difficulty for each activity
  • Unlimited challenges for each adventure
  • Capability to set multiple user profiles
  • Unlock seven avatar bugs as play progresses


Bug Mazing-Adventures in Learning is a high quality app from the exquisite detail on the bugs themselves to the creative formatting of the mazes and sequencing challenges. The animation is stupendous; kids will truly feel they are sending the insects scuttling across the screen. Developers have done a great job of incorporating just the right amount of background and game play to keep kids interested but maintaining the kind of ease of use that young children need for success.


Bug Mazing-Adventures in Learning will help young children build skills in several important areas to get ready for school. The activities teach color, letter and number recognition, which are all familiar goals. In addition, though, the app helps children with sequencing, pattern recognition, fine motor coordination, and following directions, which are also vital for later learning. There are four activities, or mini-adventures, available: Tracing, Letters, Numbers, and Colors. For each, players begin with very simple tasks, such as duplicating two-part color patterns. The app offers two rounds and then returns to the home screen. Next time it is accessed, the user can choose to continue with the same level or can use a slider to increase the difficulty one level. Only one new level of challenge opens up at a time, so there is little danger of children becoming frustrated because they jump to a level beyond their skills. And lower levels can be played again and again at will.

All in all, this app really does a lot to encourage not only learning of readiness skills, but also independence. The makers of Bug Mazing have a solid understanding of the needs of preschool children. In addition, this app will appeal to older special needs students, as well. The theme and formatting are appropriate for a wide range of ages, so there is little that is “babyish” about this game. This will be a real blessing for older students who are delayed in their learning, because they’ll be able to play without stigma. It’s great to have the capability for keeping track of multiple users, as well.


This app is highly entertaining. Most children will be fascinated with the animation; the bugs move realistically across the screen in response to their taps and drags. The maze format for each activity ensures a virtually endless array of challenges at every level, so no matter how many times a level is played, it will always seem new and fresh. Verbal rewards are appropriate, and even the “saves” (if a player takes a wrong turn on the higher levels, a flying bug “rescues” them part of the time) are fun. Rewards are timed after every second round, so children collect lots of gems and coins. The collection is easy to view at any time.


Bug Mazing – Adventures in Learning is a great value. It teaches about colors, letters and numbers as well as fine motor control, sequencing, and more. Children will play again and again, and it’s very likely this game will quickly become a favorite.

Child Friendliness

This app is very child friendly. The app contains no outside advertising or in-app purchases. There is a link to a list of other apps by the developer on the home page, but the actual links to the store are protected, and best of all, parents can actually hide that option all together if they wish! Contact information, settings options and more are behind an effective parent gate for the age group; adult users must complete a multiplication problem to enter.

With fascinating, colorful bugs skittering around the screen, this app will entertain preschoolers for hours as they learn about letter order, counting, colors and more.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars