Bongo’s Spelling Packs PRO – Everyday Words, CVC, Dolch, States, Capitals and Countries

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Bongo’s Spelling Packs PRO offers enjoyable, practical spelling exercises with a phonics flair to students from kindergarten through grade 5.

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Bongo’s Spelling Packs PRO features a wide range of spelling practice with practical vocabulary from commonly-used lists. With its flexible options, the app can be individualized for students from kindergarten through at least grade 5.

Features include:

  • Categorized words from easy to complex
  • Seven commonly assigned word lists
  • Over 3100 words included
  • Individualized assignments and records
  • Interactive rewards


Bongo’s Spelling Packs PRO is a very high quality app. All of the features operate smoothly and intuitively. The artwork is colorful and detailed; the animations eye-catching and amusing. Spelling Packs PRO includes a number of features that make it very useful for teachers and parents alike, and is very well thought out.


Teachers and parents are going to love Bongo’s Spelling Packs PRO. The app offers seven different lists of words totaling well over 3000 options for students working from kindergarten level through fifth grade. The lists are taken from several common spelling programs, including Words Their Way and the Dolch words. There are even phonics-based lists, though the makers of the app may want to consult with a phonics educator about some of the word choices for these lists. The CVC pattern, for example, includes a number of words that are exceptions to this rule (like “all,” “come” and “are,” which are not actually CVC pattern because of the modified A sound). Some students might find this a bit confusing, especially if the letter sounds feature is turned on.

Bongo’s Spelling Packs PRO features a great number of flexible options to customize each student’s experience. Lists can be assigned, letter sounds (B says /b/ when you touch the letter) can be activated or not, optional clues are available and more. Taken together, this really extends the usability and educational value of the app. In addition, the makers of this app have several other versions available, including Bongo’s Montessori Spelling Adventure with Phonics. Read the BAFK review of that app HERE.

A second minor concern about this app’s educational content, however, lies in the interactive games that reward correct responses. There are two games that are variations on spelling the target word, either by catching the letters in the word or dragging the letters into a hole. The catching game is intended to be a sorting exercise, where students catch letters in the word and allow others to fall away. The concern is on the dragging game. The letters that spell the word are presented in scrambled order with distractors, and can be dragged into the hole in any order. It would be more valuable to students to require the letters to go into the target in the order they appear in the word itself.


This app is very entertaining for younger users. The art and animation are entertaining, and correct responses are rewarded with one of two interactive games that review the target word. Parents can control the frequency of the rewards in the Settings section, causing them to appear after every correct word on up to after every fifth word. There is also a control for the length of time students get to play on each occurrence.

There are two interactive games that are presented alternately. One features a free fall of letters and players must tilt the device or drag to move a hole under the letters that made the most recent word. The other game presents the letters of the word in scrambled order, together with distractors at the higher levels, and challenges players to drag the correct letters into the hole.


This app is an excellent value! It features over 3,000 words from several commonly-taught spelling lists, and accommodates students from kindergarten to fifth grade level. It’s fun and fast paced enough that most children will be willing to play and practice. The high degree of control and the ability to assign words and individualize the app are real pluses for classroom or family settings.

Child Friendliness

This app contains no in-app purchase, no outside advertising and no links to social media. The section containing links to other apps by the same developer, the email feature, and the settings are protected by an effective security gate. Children can access the user creation (or deletion) feature, but this would be good so that each could choose their own profile before playing.

Bongo’s Spelling Packs PRO offers enjoyable, practical spelling exercises with a phonics flair to students from kindergarten through grade 5.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars