Alphabet of Dinosaurs

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  • Alphabet of Dinosaurs
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Another wonderful Oceanhouse Media digital book that teaches children all about dinosaurs with a variety of fun facts, rhyming passages, and vivid illustrations.

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Alphabet of Dinosaurs is another wonderful educational ebook from Oceanhouse Media that is featured in our At-A-Glance: Dinosaur Apps for Kids post. This app teaches children a variety of new vocabulary words, names of dinosaurs, and lots of fun facts. With narration options, beautiful illustrations, and rhyming passages, this app is one little dinosaur lovers are sure to love.

Features include:

  • Narration options
  • Text Highlighting
  • Voice record


Oceanhouse Media always offer the highest quality ebooks for children to enjoy and Alphabet of Dinosaurs is no different. With wonderfully detailed illustrations and images, this app provides a vivid picture of what some of the oldest creatures that have walked the earth may have looked like. The sound effects and narration are very clear and help bring the app to life as children read. The developers also offer text highlighting in addition to the narration options, making it easy for children of all ages to enjoy.


Alphabet of Dinosaurs is a great deal of information about various dinosaurs and other words that refer to the time period dinosaurs were around. There are 26 words that children can explore and everything from Ankylosaurus to Zigongosaurus is covered. The developers have also included the phonetic spelling for the difficult dinosaur names to help children sound out the words.

As readers move through this ebook, they will not only learn lots of fun facts about dinosaurs, but they can also practice their reading skills and learn new words too. Each page offers text and images that can be tapped and touched to see the word appear. When using the narration option, the narrator will say the world out loud allowing early readers to follow along and learn many new vocabulary words. Overall, there is a lot to learn in this app.


While there are not any specific entertainment features in this app, children who love dinosaurs will enjoy learning all that this app has to offer. Since this app is a bit different than some of the other storybook apps, it would be nice to include another activity to add a bit more entertainment value.


Priced at just under three dollars this app is a great deal. There is a ton of information to learn, narration options, text highlighting, rhyming phrases, and many great illustrations for children to enjoy. When you consider what you might pay for a book on dinosaurs, this app is offered at a very reasonable price.

Child Friendliness

Alphabet of Dinosaurs is easy to use for children of all ages. The narration and text highlighting that are included allows early readers the opportunity to enjoy following along while they practice their reading skills. The simple tap and touch words and images allow children to interact with the story a bit.

Parents can rest assured knowing the app is not only simple to use, but safe too. The ‘other apps’ and ‘information’ buttons located on the main page are protected and there are not any in app purchase or social media links to be concerned about which is great.

Another wonderful Oceanhouse Media digital book that teaches children all about dinosaurs with a variety of fun facts, rhyming passages, and vivid illustrations.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars