Watch and Find-VeggieTales Silly Song Favorites

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Review Summary:

Watch and Find-VeggieTales Silly Song Favorites is an app that puts a new spin on the traditional search and find game with fun songs and snippets from the VeggieTales videos.

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Watch and Find-VeggieTales Silly Song Favorites is an entertaining app full of fun songs, videos, and an in app game that tasks users with finding specific items in each video. This new take on the search and find game will keep children busy as they enjoy each silly song.

Features include:

  • 10 Silly songs
  • In-app watch and find game
  • Easy to use interface


Children who are familiar with VeggieTales will love this app for the fun and silly videos that are included. The video images and animations are clear and come straight from the VeggieTale movies so they are easy to watch and sing along to. The user interface is very easy to use as well and no directions are needed to get started.


This app is not being rated for education.


VeggieTale lovers are going to really enjoy this app because of the silly songs it includes. With 10 silly songs to choose from and three more coming soon, this app is sure to have little ones singing songs like “The Hairbrush Song” or “Happy Toothday”. They will also enjoy playing the in-app game that asks them to tap various items in each video as they play. The idea is to find all 12 items as the video is playing, but the challenge is that the items are only shown for a limited time. The bubbles at the top of the video indicate what items children must find and since they are watching a video, the scene is always moving. At the end of the song, children can view their score to see how well they did and can try again if they wish to try and beat their last score.


The price of this app is just under three dollars and with 10 silly songs already included and a fun game to keep children engaged as they play this is a good deal. Children who love music will most likely be playing this app several times over making this app a good buy.

Child Friendliness

While the songs and interface are easy to use for children of all ages, there are some areas that can be a bit distracting. As with many of the Fingerprint games, there tends to be a pop-up window that shows another app by the same developer. There is also an orange fingerprint button on the main page that can be a bit distracting for children. If they happen to tap the button they end up in an area that lists many other apps and options for the Fingerprint network (a network that allows parents to track progress etc.). These additional apps are protected which is good, but if children end up in this area it can be a distraction from the app itself.

With that said there are no other social media links or unprotected links that parents need to be concerned about and the user interface is very easy to use. This is an app that can be enjoyed by even very young children.

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