Pigeon Presents Mo on the Go

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Review Summary:

Pigeon Presents Mo on the Go offers a variety of fun activities to keep little ones entertained for hours!

Pigeon Presents Mo on the Go offers a variety of fun activities to keep little ones entertained for hours!



Pigeon Presents Mo on the Go is a versatile app that invites children to use their imaginations and have some good old fashioned fun. With a variety of creative activities such as Monster Maker, Dream Drive, and many more, children will have plenty to keep them engaged and entertained.

Features include:

  • Sticker vault
  • 5 Fun activities
  • Easy to use interface


Pigeon Presents Mo on the Go includes simple yet highly entertaining animations, music, and activities that are easy to use for children of all ages. The illustrations used in Mo Willems’ books are brought to life with lively voices, sound effects, and back ground music that will leave children playing over and over again.

The developers have done a truly exceptional job with the audio as there is some sort of sound effect, voice, or music that accompanies each action within the app. The app’s interface is also very easy to move through and children should have no problem moving from one activity to the next.


While this app is primarily an entertainment app, it does offer the opportunity for children to practice their problem-solving skills as they help Pigeon maneuver through maze-like streets to pick up little ducklings from various locations. There are also opportunities for kids to practice their art skills and use their imaginations in the Mo’s Squillems (drawing activity), Monster Maker, and Dance-O-Rama sections.


To say this app is highly entertaining is an understatement as there are so many silly activities for children to indulge in. One of my favorites is the Monster Maker. This activity allows children to mix and match parts of different monsters to create one of a kind creations. Kids that enjoy music and dancing may be drawn to the Dance-O-Rama activity that allows them to select dances for Elephant and Piggie to perform. Silly dances like “Shakin’ Bacon and Jumbo Gumbo will make kids want to get up and try them out.

Dream Drive allows children to help Piegon maneuver through mazes as he picks up all of the little ducklings waiting for a ride. Sticker Pictures is an activity that allows children to take pictures, decorate them with stickers, and save their creations to share later. They can also draw their own pictures with the help of Mo in Mo’s Squillems activity that provides a squiggle for children to use as the start of their masterpiece. After playing each activity children collect stickers that are housed in the Sticker Vault. The more they play, the more they collect until they have collected all 45 stickers.

I think parents will agree that there are so many activities in this app to explore that children will be entertained for hours.


With so much to do in this app the $3.99 price tag is a pretty fair price. Some parents may find it more expensive than other apps they use, but when you consider all of the activities and the unlimited fun kids will have playing this app, the price is worth it. This is certainly one app children won’t tire of easily.

Child Friendliness

While Pigeon Presents Mo on the Go is does not have any advertisements, in-app purchase links, or social media links – it does include email within the game play. Email can be problematic because it easy for children to accidentally email someone in the device’s address book, and numerous times. Most likely the child will find themselves outside the regular interface of the app and therefore get frustrated or exit out the app. This is not ideal for child, parent or, one would assume, the developer of this otherwise wonderful app.

Otherwise, this app is fun and easy to use. In the event parents want more information on how each activity works there is a “Boring Stuff” section that includes helpful information about the app, information about the developers etc. All-in-all, developers have done a fair job keeping this app child friendly if only they would rethink the email functionality.

Pigeon Presents Mo on the Go offers a variety of fun activities to keep little ones entertained for hours!

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars